First NBA player to get corona scores immediately on restart

Rudy Gobert, whose positive corona test in March halted the American basketball league, scored the first two points of the game on Thursday (local time) at the restart of the NBA for his team Utah Jazz. The Frenchman opened the score with his first shot attempt against the New Orleans Pelicans.

All players knelt before playing the US National Anthem. Players also wore black T-shirts with the slogan Black Lives Matter. “I respect the common, peaceful protest of our social justice teams and will not enforce the longstanding rule that you stand during the national anthem,” said NBA boss Adam Silver.

Utah Jazz won the meeting with the New Orleans Pelicans, it became 106-104. The duel between the fellow townspeople Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers will also be played.

The NBA finishes the season with a smaller field after a hiatus of nearly five months and has billeted all participating teams on the Disney World grounds in Orlando, Florida. Of the 30 teams, 22 participate in the remainder of the season. They first play a number of games from the regular season, after which the playoffs start.


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