First new premium announced: health insurance tens more expensive at DSW

Traditionally, DSW is the first insurer to announce its new rates. Other insurers usually follow suit with similar rate increases.

Cabinet assumed an extra 31 euros

According to DSW, the increased personnel costs in healthcare and more expensive medicines would actually justify a premium increase of 7.50 euros per month. But because insurers are reimbursed part of the corona costs from the state, the price increase can be somewhat reduced.

The price increase of DSW is quite in line with what the cabinet already predicted on Budget Day. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport expected an average increase of 31 euros. DSW is therefore on the high side in that regard.

The main reason that the ministry puts forward for the rising premiums is simply the rising health care costs. In 2022, healthcare will cost an estimated 2 billion euros more than a year earlier.

Increased prices and labor costs account for most of this, increasing total costs by 1.5 billion euros.


All insurers must have announced their new premiums by 12 November at the latest. This gives consumers more than a month and a half to decide whether they want to switch.

If you wish, you must cancel your current insurance no later than 31 December. You then have a whole month to choose a new insurer. If you do this before 1 February, you are insured with retroactive effect from 1 January.

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