First participation 4×400 at the European Indoor Championships earns Bol second gold

Femke Bol was allowed to listen to the Wilhelmus twice at the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Torun, Poland. The 21-year-old super talent conquered the gold in the 400 meters individually by force majeure on Saturday and sovereignly led the relay team on the 4×400 meters to its second gold medal on Sunday. “Super cool”, was her first reaction.

Bol was the final runner of the Dutch quartet, which participated in the 4×400 for the first time at an indoor European Championship. She benefited from the preparatory work of Lieke Klaver, Marit Dopheide and Lisanne de Witte. Those three ensured that Bol could finish it from an ideal position. The sliders over the tartan of Dopheide and De Witte when changing the baton had no consequences. “I kept ‘sticking’ behind the British runner for a while, but when I passed her and was in front, I knew it was right. Individual gold is nice, but this gold with the team is just as special.”

Klaver recalled that the foursome had a first. “This 4×400 indoor was completely new to us. A week ago we had a 2-hour meeting and mainly looked at how foreign teams were doing, because we had no experience data at all,” said the number five of the 400 meters. individually. “If I had run this race in that final, I might have had two medals,” said Klaver. “I am very happy with how it went, I feel blessed with this team. Great Britain almost always wins medals in the relay and now we are winning. We shouldn’t be out of line, but it does motivate.”

Lisanne de Witte predicted a bright future for the team, which has already been qualified for the 4×400 meters at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. “We already ran faster indoors than at the Outdoor World Championships in Doha in 2019. We can really do much faster outdoors, something very beautiful can come of it in Tokyo.”


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