First push, then crash: VW Golf GTI accident

Ever from the saying “Karma is over****” heard? This short video of an impatient Golf GTI driver illustrates the wisdom more than clearly. The result is a wrecked VW Golf GTI!

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A video was uploaded to the “Reddit” platform that impressively demonstrates that it is not worth forcing other road users just to save a few seconds at best. (Here’s the direct link to the video!)

The GTI pushes hard

The 31-second clip begins with a rear-facing dashcam showing a silver VW Golf 6 GTI tailgating incredibly close to the car in front of it at around 85 km/h – so close, in fact, that the VW logo can be seen. The driver obviously seems to be in a hurry.
However, since other cars are driving in the right lane, the dashcam vehicle cannot change lanes. After a few seconds, the filming car finally pulls over to the right and makes room for the GTI. In the next moment, the camera shot changes and shows the GTI passing by.

The driver loses control

What the GTI driver obviously didn’t expect is that a sharp right-hand bend follows. The Golf corners without braking, and by the time the driver realizes that he’s going too fast, it’s already too late. It seems as if he abruptly takes his foot off the accelerator in the corner, causing him to lose control of the car.

Despite front wheel drive the Golf begins to oversteer (lift-off oversteer) and first hits the concrete boundary with the rear before it also touches it with the front. The video shows that the GTI was badly hit. The rear bumper is torn off, the rear light and probably much more are damaged.

What do we learn from this? A few seconds saved is definitely not worth risking your health or even your car.

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