First snow in the Netherlands: old and new gets a winter touch | Inland

The last time there was a layer of snow in our country was on February 28, 2020 in the Limburg hills.

It is 2 to 6 degrees during the day in the last week of 2020. In the evening, at night and in the first half of the morning, the temperature is regularly close to freezing point. There is a chance of precipitation every day and sometimes the precipitation is winters with a risk of hail and (melting) snow.

It is possible that the local area will turn white again in the coming week. The greatest chance of this is for the higher parts of our country, such as the Veluwe, Sallandse Heuvelrug and the Limburg hills.

Old and new

Also old and new will get a slightly wintery touch this year. It is chilly with cold rain and even a little sleet can fall. Cloudy fields dominate the weather on New Year’s Eve and rain can fall here and there. Wet snow is also possible regionally. The first days of the new year are a bit colder than normal, which means that the mild winter weather is maintained.


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