First step towards self-driving cars: Elon Musk completes automated tunnel in Las Vegas

The Boring Company, the business of entrepreneur Elon Musk, is building a second tunnel under it Las Vegas Convention Center completed. The project cost around 48.57 million euros and is intended to make it easier to transport people between two locations.

Will our cars be driving fully automatically soon? The first step towards this has already been taken. With his company The Boring Company, Elon Musk completed the first phase of the People Moversystem. It consists of two tunnels that will be able to transport cars at a very high speed.

Now that the construction of that second tunnel has been completed, The Boring Company is preparing for the second step. The company will build overhead passenger stations at the end of each tunnel.

It still has six months to do this. The launch of the Convention Center Loop, the formal name of the tunnel complex, is scheduled for January of the next calendar year. Musk hopes to be just in time for the Consumer Electronics Show. That is a major technology fair that takes place in Las Vegas every year.

Efficient means of transport

The Convention Center Loop is The Boring Company’s first commercial transport project. Earlier, the drilling company developed a test tunnel in Los Angeles where the headquarters of SpaceX (that other Musk company) is located.

The Loop transports people through it Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the most important government buildings in the US state of Nevada. The speed with which this happens is particularly impressive. For example, passengers would be at their destination in less than 2 minutes. Normally, such a journey takes 15 minutes. Speaking of a speed upgrade.

No self-driving cars (yet)

The Loop transports its passengers in various Tesla models. Although they will have to drive autonomously in the long term, that ambition seems rather for the future. “When we get to the point where it is completely safe to drive vehicles on our own, we will take that step,” said Steve Hill, CEO of the Las Vegas Convention.

The Boring Company has no plans for other projects for the time being. According to insiders, the company would first extensively test the tunnel before the project is widely launched. A European variant is therefore not immediately available.


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