First Tesla taxi in New York: Model 3 added to the famous Yellow Cab fleet

How well electric cars perform in use as taxi vehicles depends heavily on the available infrastructure. In Berlin, for example, the only taxi driver with a Tesla Model S gave up at the end of 2019 because electricity was too expensive and too rarely available for him, while an entrepreneur in Düsseldorf announced the purchase of 50 Tesla Model 3s for his taxi fleet. And also in the city of New York, which is not least known for its yellow taxis, the first Model 3 is now driving as a Yellow Cab.

First Tesla and only electric car

“In use from today. First Tesla taxi in NYC. Can we still have 1000? ”Informed and asked at the end of October on Twitter @drivesally, according to its very clear website actually a provider of rides on request. But apparently the service has at least taken care of the conversion of the Tesla Model 3 for the taxi fleet in New York. Because he was also enthusiastic about other Twitter messages about the first Model 3 in the Yellow Cab fleet and showed interest in using “thousands more”.

As the blog Teslarati reports, the Model 3 is not only the first Tesla as a taxi in New York, but also the first electric car – or at least the only one since 2015: At that time, after two years, a test fleet was made by Nissan Leaf taken out of service, which is not surprising given its standard range of 84 miles according to EPA. The taxi commission is said to have criticized it, especially at high temperatures, because the air conditioning consumption was added.

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It looks much better with the Tesla Model 3, because even the smallest variant, standard range plus, comes 263 miles (423 kilometers) according to EPA standards. According to Twitter users, Sally has now put into operation or brought exactly this model, wrapped in the characteristic dark yellow and with the New York taxi logo on the side, as a photo shows. Its acceleration should be a valuable advantage in the notoriously aggressive traffic of the gigantic city. Tesla CEO Elon Musk even took note of the news personally and said he was delighted with it.


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