Fisker abandons solid-state battery technology

Henrik Fisker does not want to invest more in solid battery technologies in the future. The CEO of the Fisker brand had created a start-up dedicated to this research. But it now justifies the difficulty in seeing this work materialize in a finished product.

Fisker will market an SUV named Ocean in the coming months. The young manufacturer, recently listed on the stock market, will also subcontract the construction of its SUV to Magna. At the same time, CEO Henrik Fisker hoped to make progress in the search for solid electrolyte batteries.

Unfortunately, his company did this research to no avail, at least for now. Fisker explained that he no longer wanted to work on these technologies, which are difficult to achieve, for the moment. The brand had been trying to develop a battery of this type since 2018, and had already admitted its difficulties to move forward in 2019.

“It’s the kind of technology where, when you think you’ve done 90%, you’re almost there, you realize the last 10% is harder than the first 90%.”, Fisker said. “So we have completely ditched solid electrolyte batteries because we don’t see them becoming a reality. “

The solid-state battery is a product of the future, at least in theory. In theory, it could produce more capacity with less material, and therefore less weight.

But it will likely take several years to see it become a reality, and Fisker will not be working on it again soon. In addition to its Ocean SUV, Fisker will develop a vehicle in partnership with Foxconn, Apple supplier. The latter could also work on the Apple Car in the future, in partnership with the computer giant.


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