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Fit on vacation: the best tips & tricks

According to Valerie Mattheussen, dietician at WW, a healthy and fit body starts with the right mindset. “It is of course good to want to lose weight and be tight in your skin, but do not be too strict for yourself. Especially not when you go on holiday.”

“To put too much pressure on yourself is counterproductive,” explains Matthew. “This puts you under stress, which increases the hormone cortisol – which has a negative effect on your appetite. Research has shown that you actually eat more.”

What does work well, according to the dietitian, is the following: “Always be aware of what you are eating and try to prepare your meal times well. For example, it may help to check a restaurant’s menu before going out to eat. see what healthy options they serve, so you can immediately make a good choice at the time of ordering. “

One of the biggest culprits on vacation is alcohol. At a pleasant temperature we quickly reach for a cold beer or fresh cocktail. And that’s okay at all, provided you do it in moderation. “Here too applies: handle it consciously. Alternate every alcoholic drink with a glass of water. This way you can enjoy your favorite drink, without causing too much damage. It is always good to drink a lot of water, especially at high temperatures. Always carry a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated. “

Inspirational? Some concrete tips that help you to get and stay moving:

  • Take a long beach walk: walking on soft sand is a good workout for the legs. Pick up shells or take a ball with you for extra movement.
  • Swim drowsy: water aerobics, water polo, surfing, paddle boarding or rowing. All activities that you can perform in the water.
  • Visit a large garden such as a zoo or botanical garden. This way you move around fully and you also see some of the surroundings.
  • Play a game of badminton or golf. Lovely outdoors and at the same time you are on the move.
  • Dance! Not only is this fun and good for keeping your body in shape: research has shown that it also rejuvenates your brain.

Plan your eating moments

Planning your eating times also helps with a healthy lifestyle. “On vacation it soon happens that you ‘see how it goes’. This makes it easier to make unnecessary unhealthy choices. You can prevent this with good preparation. Make lists before you go shopping and make sure that the basics of your meals is always healthy. Think of wholegrain products, lots of vegetables and lean protein-rich products. It really is not so bad if you supplement this occasionally with a product that is less healthy. “

In addition to healthy eating, regular exercise is essential. You really don’t have to work up a sweat at the gym, or take a long bike ride. “Try to combine exercise with an activity that you enjoy. Do you spend the whole day by the pool? Take a run now and then or take a moment to go for a nice walk. Just stretch your legs. And don’t forget: a tennis or table tennis is also moving! “

We also list a number of valuable tips for food and drinks:

  • Breakfast extensive: a hearty breakfast can be good for your health and weight. According to a 2013 study, dart women who ate most of their calories at breakfast found that they lost more weight and felt more satisfied than women who ate most of their calories at dinner.
  • Brunch without a reservation: chances are you will have to wait for a table in your favorite restaurant, but this is not bad at all. In the meantime, take a walk to burn calories and whet your appetite.
  • Make it spicy: chili peppers limit your salt intake and help keep your blood pressure up. In addition, capsaicin, the active ingredient in spicy foods, can help break down body fat.
  • Not drinking enough water? Then choose a nice glass or carafe for your water and add a rainbow of fruit to it. Because your water looks more attractive and tastes better, you automatically start drinking more of it.
  • Superfoods come and go, but salmon is here to stay. This is due to the many omega 3 fatty acids it contains. It is also packed with good nutrients. They give you a high feeling of satiety.

Every body is a ‘bikini body’

Although it is important to be aware of your diet and exercise, it is even more important to give your body a break now and then. Not only physically, but above all mentally. After all, it’s vacation. “Read a book or magazine. Make a puzzle without the children. Don’t worry about anything. A short walk of 10 minutes is also a bit of a rest.”

Do not be fooled by what others think or say. “Remember: every body is a ‘bikini body’. A size is not necessarily bad. And a slim body is not necessarily good. Do you feel comfortable in your body? Then your body is the perfect bikini body.”


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