Five free games for the weekend

At the weekend, five different games can be tried out or kept permanently on Steam and Epic.

The weekend in front of the gaming computer is secured: Steam and the Epic Games Store offer a total of five games that can be tried out without obligation or kept permanently. The first thing on Steam is the multiplayer shooter “Verdun”. Also known as the “Battlefield” alternative, the title puts the player in the famous Battle of Verdun during the First World War. Two factions compete against each other in demanding trench warfare. Four game modes and a significantly higher level of realism compared to “Battlefield” should inspire players. As part of a free weekend, “Verdun” can be tried out without obligation until May 2nd. At the same time there is a discount of 80 percent, which makes the full version very affordable at 3.50 euros.

Vampire Battle Royale

The next game on Steam is a free-to-play title that just released yesterday. The basic principle of “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt” is similar to a Battle Royale title: whoever survives as the last player in the third-person shooter has won the round. On the streets of the metropolis of Prague, vampire clans have to compete against each other and use the available resources cleverly.

Quiz game and Epic offer

The quiz game “Survival Quiz CITY” takes a completely different approach: endless questions have to be answered here. Whoever finds the right answer first can hit the loser with a weapon of their own choice. Anyone who answers a question incorrectly, on the other hand, has to go through an obstacle course. The questioning fun can also be tried out without obligation until May 2nd. The full version currently costs 13.43 euros with a 20 percent discount. The Epic Games Store also offers two free games, “Just Die Already” and “Paradigm”.

Try “Verdun” for free on Steam

Play Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt for free

Try Survival Quiz CITY for free on Steam

Download Just Die Already for free on the Epic Games Store

Download Paradigm for free on the Epic Games Store

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