Five reasons against Linux – that’s why the switch fails (allegedly)

We list the 5 most common reasons and prejudices why switching to Linux might fail. And give counter arguments so that the switch from Windows to Linux works! Right now with the new Ubuntu 20.04.

Together with our sister publication PC-World, we have put together a few reasons from letters to the editor and community contributions, which is why Windows users who wanted to switch to Linux gave up frustrated tasks and returned to Windows. In total, five main reasons seem to be identified that lead to the switch from Windows to Linux failing. We present these five reasons and evaluate their relevance.

Above all, however, we show solutions with which you can bypass or solve these five problem areas and thus successfully switch from Windows to Linux.

1. The favorite program does not run on Linux

Professional programs

from Adobe, especially Photoshop and Dreamweaver, do not want to do without the switch from Windows to Linux.

Play on Linux: In addition to these professional application programs, there is another software group that speaks against the use of Linux: games. Because the game publishers continue to treat Linux as second, if not third.


Home users who use Linux and neither need Photoshop nor do a lot of paddling can still be faced with the problem that they suddenly need Windows, for example if the child has a new one

Educational software

brings home that only runs on Windows. A virtual machine in which Windows is running may help here. Or there is the learning software as apps for iOS and / or Android, because more and more publishers like USM are now launching their well-known Windows learning software for the two most important mobile platforms. This then offers itself as an alternative for Linux users. A third solution would be cloud-based web applications as a replacement for such Windows software.

Our assessment:

The majority of private users can easily switch to Linux immediately, with the exception of hardcore daddlers. Especially in combination with an iPad or Android tablet, there is nothing to prevent you from switching to Linux.

2. The hardware zicks

Basically, Linux has had excellent hardware detection for a long time. But every now and then it happens that a certain graphics card or UMTS stick refuses to work after you have installed Linux.

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Our assessment:

Buy pre-configured computers with Linux from the manufacturer. Be sure to research how well the configuration and support really work on Internet forums before buying.


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