Five stars from the US authorities: Tesla Model Y with top marks in all crash test categories

The US traffic safety agency NHTSA has published its crash safety rating for Model Y as the latest model from Tesla – and like Model S, Model X and Model 3 before it is rated with the top five-star rating, which is also given for each of the three sub-categories in the test apply. This shows once again that Tesla’s electric cars are not only designed to be as fun as possible for their owners, but also for maximum safety.

Model Y the safest of all Teslas?

According to earlier information from Tesla, the Model 3 has so far been the car ever tested in which, according to the NHTSA assessment, occupants are at the lowest risk of injury in an accident. With its similar design, the Model Y should be close to this best value or even surpass it because it is newer. The authority itself does not publish a ranking, so this question remains open until Tesla makes a statement.

In general, vehicles in the US crash tests are assessed according to their safety in the event of a frontal and side impact and their tendency to roll over. There are sub-categories for the first two points. Frontal safety is rated at 35 miles per hour (56 km / h) for the person in the driver and front passenger seats when hitting a solid wall. Side safety is made up of two scenarios: a collision with a narrow obstacle (which stands for a tree or a mast) and a wider one, if the test vehicle is rammed from the side by another. Here the NHTSA further differentiates between the front and rear occupants according to the risk.

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And wherever you look at the Tesla Model Y, the agency’s rating is five stars. A video published by the NHTSA shows how the front of the electric car is completely depressed in a frontal collision. The space for the people in it, however, appears completely unimpaired – because there is no heavy and hard internal combustion engine under the Frunk hood, the front area can almost completely serve as a crumple zone.

Window airbag cushions side impacts

The most unpleasant thing to see in the video is the test with the narrow barrier against which the Model Y is pushed at a slight angle at a speed of a good 32 km / h. The glass on the windscreen and roof splinters and the door is dented a few centimeters at the point of impact. The head of the driver dummy is torn in their direction, but it is slowed down by the side airbag on the window.


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