Five suspects arrested in Lady Gaga’s dog abduction case

In Los Angeles, police have arrested five suspects in connection with the kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs about two months ago. It concerns three persons who were present at the facts and two accomplices. The latter also includes the woman who returned the dogs in the hope of getting the promised reward of $ 500,000 (413,000 euros).

At the end of February, 30-year-old Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s regular dog sitter, was brutally robbed on the street. He was shot by men who tried to steal the singer’s French bulldogs. They managed to drive away in a car with two of the dogs. The third French bulldog, Miss Asia, escaped and was found shortly afterwards.

Lady Gaga, who was abroad at the time of the facts, showed after the raid on social media that she offered a $ 500,000 reward for those who could return her dogs Koji and Gustav. A little later, a woman brought back the two French bulldogs. Fischer, too, is said to be improving in the meantime.

Five suspects

The case has been quiet since then, but now Los Angeles police have announced that five suspects have been arrested in the case. It concerns three perpetrators aged 18, 19 and 27 who are said to be responsible for the robbery. They are charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a robbery and second-degree theft. The youngest offender must also appear for illegal possession of weapons.

Woman who conspired to bring dogs back

In addition, the 40-year-old father of one of the perpetrators was also arrested as an accomplice, just like a 50-year-old woman. It is she who returned the two bulldogs to Lady Gaga two days after the fact. According to TMZ, she was contacted after the facts by the father of one of the perpetrators with the plan to claim the reward of $ 500,000. The police immediately sensed danger and advised the singer not to hand out the reward.


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