Fixed cost subsidy: Neos locates the government’s “next public relations”

Companies in economic difficulties – such as weak equity capital should not be Fixed cost subsidy receive. That could be up to 40 percent of tourist businesses, industry experts say. “The tourist businesses are de facto excluded,” criticized NEOS business spokesman Josef Schellhorn talking to the APA. “You have a low equity structure.”

Consider the further economic development in gastronomy and hotel industry, so too with a border opening Germany only 50 percent utilization is to be expected. The equity base in tourism is comparatively low due to the high current investments in terms of competitiveness. “There is a huge wave of bankruptcies,” he said Schellhorn. For now, find another “Bankruptcy delay” instead of.

“Sugar – but toxic sugar”

The opposition politician locates in Fixed cost subsidy the “next publicity” government. The Chamber of Commerce and its work also took hold Schellhorn once more head on; it does not represent the entrepreneurs at all. “The criteria are obviously made without practitioners. The criteria have to be re-worked and adapted to reality.” Currently distribute the government “Sugars – but poisonous sugars”, that also applies to the different phases of the hardship fund Schellhorn.

“I believe that it is 40 percent more likely to be the lower limit for those who are in trouble,” said Trenkwalder in the “Mittagsjournal” of the ORF radio Ö1 furthermore. “Well, I would have felt that there were even more, so we have already suggested that you change the definition again in the Fixed cost subsidy and just says the companies that were not ready for bankruptcy before Covid, that somehow they are trying to be included in the funding. I think that would be very, very important, “she said towards Federal government out ÖVP and greens and finance ministers Gernot Blümel (ÖVP).

The Ministry of Finance (BMF) stressed, however, that all companies that “are not insolvent or are in the process of insolvency” are entitled to the new ones Fixed grants to apply for in the corona crisis. Firms in economic difficulties – were mentioned by experts and the NEOS on Wednesday, above all, restaurants and hotels – are not excluded.

“It is guaranteed that as many companies as possible have access to the Fixed cost subsidy a spokesman for the Treasury Department told the APA. The KPMG expert Verena Trenkwalder “Apparently referred to older draft regulations,” said the spokesman.

“The aim is to get as many companies as possible and the tourist businesses that are being addressed at Fixed cost subsidy “All criteria were set to the simplest or lowest level under European law, the spokesman for the Ministry of Finance emphasized Gernot Blümel (ÖVP).

He also pointed out that applications can now be made to the tax office (FinanzOnline).


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