Flanders wants to get more long-term sick back to work

The plan also aims for a “mindset change”. “The focus must shift to what people can still do, instead of what they can no longer do,” he said. For example, the intention is to make the services of VDAB better known to the health sector, so that GPs, for example, can better guide the way for disabled people.

For the Flemish action plan to succeed, help will be needed from the federal government for closer cooperation and better data sharing with the NIHDI and the health insurance funds. The federal government should also ensure that the VDAB is involved more quickly, while it is now often behind the process. In addition, Flemish minister Crevits asks the federal government to enable more dynamic systems to combine work with illness. For example, it could be investigated to what extent temporary agency work can play a role in this. “Work must always pay off. Problems with the fall-back position and the loss of certain rights must be eliminated,” says Crevits.


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