Flikken Maastricht loses one of its regular faces

In conversation with Gijs Staverman at NPO Radio 2, the actress gave a small tip of the veil regarding the new season. For example, her character Eva has a lot to expect this season. “She’s a cat with many lives,” said Angela. There is no time for romance this time. “The romance is hard to find this year”, she reveals. “You do it or you don’t. Always that fiddling.”

This season, ‘someone we have known for a long time’ will also leave the field. She doesn’t want to say who that is. “You should just go and have a look”, is her tip. She can already report that it will only happen at the end of the season.

The makers of the police series also managed to surprise the viewer a few seasons ago. In 2018, Chief Inspector Frieda Mechels (Ria Eimers) was found dead in her garden. A complete mindfuck according to loyal viewers: ‘Only thing that comes to mind: WTF!’ it sounded on social media at the time.

Cops Maastricht can be seen every Friday evening at 8:25 pm at NPO 1.


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