Flop salary: academics in these 8 subjects earn the least

Those who have studied earn accordingly later on. This is the rule in many professional fields and industries. But here too there are exceptions – for example in the hotel and catering industry. According to the salary report of the Stepstone job platform, which, like, belongs to Axel-Springer, academics earn around 45,500 euros in this area. For example, someone who works in marketing for a hotel is also included in the evaluation.

For comparison: the average salary of an employee in Germany is around 57,000 euros. In the finance and banking sector, even with a completed vocational training, you get an average of around 50,200 euros – and thus 4,700 euros more than an academic who works in the catering or hotel industry.

A degree is therefore not always a guarantee of earning a lot in the job. There are some professions in which academics tend to expect a comparatively low salary – which is well below the national average.

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