Florida is poised to replace Tokyo as host for Olympic Games

If the Olympic Games cannot take place in Japan next summer, Florida in the United States is willing to step in as host. Jimmy Patronis, CFO of the state of Florida, said in a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Can the Olympic Games take place next summer in the Japanese capital Tokyo or not? This question arises more and more often. Due to the corona crisis, the Games had to be postponed for a year last year.

Don’t delay again

But whether they can actually continue in 2021 is far from certain. A decision about this would be taken in March. Japan maintains for the time being that there is no problem at all, while many other sources speak of a cancellation of the event.

Postponing the Olympic Games for another year is certainly not an option. It then becomes almost impossible to readjust all sports calendars. The IOC has already made this clear several times. So, moving the event is the only way to save the Games if they can’t take place in Japan.


If that were the case, the US state of Florida would be a candidate to act as the new host. Jimmy Patronis, CFO of Florida, wrote a letter to Thomas Bach, president of the IOC. “Today I am writing to encourage you to consider moving the 2021 Olympics from Tokyo, Japan to the United States, and more specifically to Florida,” it read.

Then he praises the approach to the corona crisis in the state of Florida. “When most of the major states closed their economies, we were lucky to have a governor who saw the important balance between fighting the virus and keeping the economy open,” writes Patronis.

Other sporting events

Jimmy Patronis also finds that many sporting events have been successfully held in Florida. For example, the city of Jacksonville organized UFC fights again in May. The NBA and WNBA then finished their season in a ‘bubble’ at Disney World in Orlando. The NFL final, the Super Bowl, will also be played in Florida, more specifically in Tampa.

The letter ended by listing the existing infrastructure in the state of Florida. According to Patronis, this should be more than enough for the organization of the Olympic Games.


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