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This box van from Flowcamper is a real all-rounder

The campervan manufacturer Flowcamper also has box vans based on Mercedes Sprinter in its range. Simon Geiger bought the prototype. As a digital nomad, he knows what is important in the van.

W.he is out and about with the motorhome, spends a lot of time in the smallest of spaces. The choice of vehicle should therefore be carefully considered. After the first trip at the latest, it will be clear whether the bathroom is too small or the bed is uncomfortable. The demands are high. However, they are much higher if the car is not just a vacation vehicle, but permanent home should be.

The Flowcamper Max is the egg-laying woolly milk sow

Flowcamper Max self-sufficient

The fixed transverse bed is big enough for Simon. A convertible variant was out of the question for him.


Just like for Simon Geiger. The 45-year-old is alive for over ten years as a digital nomad – the first seven years in a converted Magirus Deutz, then three years in his boat. And since March 2020 in a self-sufficient Flowcamper Max on a Mercedes Sprinter with all-wheel drive. “It was clear to me what the vehicle had to be able to do,” says Simon of the long search for a suitable home on wheels. “All-wheel drive to get to the beaches, enough traction to slip my boat, and of course a lot of living comfort. The Flowcamper Max is the egg-laying woolly milk sow for methat can do a little bit of everything. And at the moment I can’t imagine a vehicle with which I would rather drive long distances than the V6 Sprinter. “In the end, the decisive factor is that cozy, low-plastic wood construction been, says Simon. At Flowcamper sustainability plays a major role. Spruce triple-ply wood and Oeko-Tex fabrics are used for the furniture. It is logical that no cassette toilet with chemicals fits into this concept. The Max Autark models therefore only have Composting toilets of the company ToMTuR on board.

Technical specifications
Motorization 419 CDI
power 140 kW (190 PS) at 3800 rpm
Displacement 2987 cm3
Torque 440 Nm at 1400 rpm
Top speed 100 km / h (> 3.5 t)
Gearbox / drive Seven-speed automatic / all-wheel drive
Tank capacity / type of fuel 93 l / diesel
Length Width Height 5930/2040/2920 mm
wheelbase 3660 mm
Tires 265/60 R 18
Empty weight ready for driving 3035 kg
Payload (test mobile) 1065 kg (load increase to 4.1 t)
Trailer load (braked / unbraked) 3000/750 k
Material wall / roof / floor Sheet steel / sheet steel / sheet steel
Lying area rear L x W 1850 x 1360 mm
refrigerator 50 l
stove 2 flames
Board battery 2x 100 Ah
Gas supply / heating 2x 5 kg / two diesel air heaters from Autotherm
Base price from 69,500 euros
Test car price 155,000 euros

Well thought-out folding and sliding elements bring flexibility

Flowcamper Max self-sufficient

After cooking, the gas stove disappears into the kitchen block. The sink can be moved, the gas connection for the stove is behind it.


The floor plan of the Flowcamper Autark, on the other hand, is quite unspectacular: transverse bed in the rear, bathroom on the driver’s side, in front of the back seats with table, opposite the kitchen block – the Arrangement has proven itself. What sets it apart from conventional panel vans are those well thought-out folding and sliding elementsthat enlarge the various living and camping functions for use and make them disappear when not needed. For example, the flow bath can be called Enlarge or reduce the size of the wet room with a heated shower tray thanks to an ingenious door construction. There is no washbasin at all. “What for?” Says Simon. “The kitchen sink is one meter further.” Also the The gas cooker in the kitchen block can be pulled out. This means that it does not take up any space on the work surface when not cooking. This is exactly what inspires Simon about his rolling home: “The use of space is extremely practical, and the functions are completely tailored to me.” (Overview: Campervans at the Caravan Salon 2021)

Special requests are also met

The XXL Flowcamper is available in four variants: As Max, Max Tourer, Max Autark and Max Grande Autark, which differ in layout and equipment. Simon was the first customer who could call a Max Autark his own. He owns the prototype. It contains pretty much everything that is possible: Distronic, MBUX, awning, roof rack, LED light bars, triple-glazed roof hatches, stickers, tall cabinets, solar systems, two lithium batteries, 18-inch off-road rims and, and, and. .. In the end stood a proud 155,000 euros on the price tag. The Basis-Max starts well below this and can be individually equipped. Even up Special requests under construction the tinkerers from Flowcamper go into it – manufacture makes it possible!

Conclusion: The Max is a great and well thought-out panel van for individualists who know what they want – and who appreciate the quality. Beginners, on the other hand, are likely to be overwhelmed by the wide range of options.

Camping accessories to offer

Reimo sun canopy Mauritius

Price *: 149.00 euros

Skandia Moonchair Sirkka

Price *: 69.95 euros

Frankana Freiko Resty garbage separator

Price *: 17.50 euros

Paramondo awning

Price *: 499.00 euros

Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso machine

Price *: 89.90 euros

* Price: Amazon price on September 7th, 2021

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