Flu/corona combination test | Musk and Bezos fight over NASA contract | Last flight Alitalia

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Oh how time flies. It has been 55 years since Hans van Mierlo and his club of Democrats 66 were so concerned about ‘the waning influence of the voter’ and ‘always the same nagging and the same squabble in government and the House of Representatives’. They were eager to do something about it, and they are doing their best. The influence of the voter is sometimes lost and it is indeed accompanied by some haggling sometimes, but oh well.

Something is bubbling and bustling at the parent company of Dekamarkt and Dirk van den Broek. Founder Jan Kat (70) has returned in a very turbulent time, while he once swore not to do that.

In the US, the brainchildren of multibillionaires are at odds with each other. SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space company, has landed a lucrative contract to build a moon rocket. But that has not been fair at all, complains fellow multi-billionaire annex aerospace company CEO Jeff Bezos. The latter took NASA to court, to still have a chance.

The permanently money-bleeding Alitalia, Italy’s national airline, is today operating its very last flight. From Friday the tent, rather slimmed down, will continue under a new name: ITA. Alitalia hasn’t been able to turn a profit for about twenty years, and you could say that’s a bit on the long side.

From next week, the Dutch will offer a new combination test that can be used to demonstrate corona and the flu. Some large companies with, for example, large distribution centers have already ordered tests. For example, employers are trying to prevent new infections and the loss of employees this autumn.

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