FNV cautiously satisfied with compromise on dismissal fine Financial

“The mood of the last days has fallen a bit. I see that there is a package with agreements for people who are unexpectedly fired. That is positive. Of course we are not yet cheering, but that does not fit with the time we are in now. ”

The dismissal fine is reflected in the new support package in a different form. If a company fires more than 20 people and does not agree with the union, it must pay a fine of 5% of the total amount of wages it receives from the government.


“That will especially help large companies with layoffs at risk,” says Busker. “We will have to consult with the staff. Then you may be asked: is firing really necessary? And how are we going to do that? Then you can look at guidance from work to work. And if you approach it in a decent way, you will no longer be fined. ”

It will cause problems in sectors where consultations between employers and unions are already going tough. “We realize that something like this doesn’t happen automatically in all places. Of course we shouldn’t be walking around for months. That is why we have also set up a committee at the Labor Foundation. This allows us to assess whether commercial dismissal is justified. Ultimately, we assume that you can always solve these kinds of things in consultation. ”

“Time saved”

Nevertheless, Busker’s concerns are far from over. “This has saved time again, but major issues remain. Like, how to fill out work to work. And there must be an arrangement to stop work earlier. In addition, unemployment is a problem in particular. There are too many people with a short-term unemployment benefit. While unexpected people will be fired. People who fall between two stools and who have few unemployment benefits still end up on social assistance or have nothing. That is now a top priority for us. ”


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