Foldable drone at Aldi for only 80 euros – is it worth it?

From September 5th, the discounter Aldi will be offering a foldable WiFi drone from Magnion for 80 euros. Is the small drone worth it?

The discounter Aldi has an inexpensive drone on offer from September 5: Buyers can get the QC-800SE WiFi drone from Magnion for 80 euros, which can take aerial photos in full HD resolution. The manufacturer actually calls for a recommended retail price of 130 euros. However, the drone is available from some dealers for as little as 100 euros. So Aldi already offers the clearly lowest price here.

View the QC-800SE WiFi folding drone for 80 euros at Aldi

Thanks to its foldable design, the aircraft can be transported in a space-saving manner. There is also a 6-axis gyroscope and an auto-hover function. Three speed modes should make beginners and professionals happy. One key return and emergency stop functions, on the other hand, promise safe flights. In case of problems, the drone simply returns to its owner.

Two batteries and bag included

The drone is controlled by the supplied controller in combination with a smartphone as a screen. The photos and videos shot in the air can be saved either on the mobile phone or on a memory card inserted in the drone. In any case, the image captured by the camera is broadcast live on the smartphone screen. According to the manufacturer, the range of the drone is around 30 meters. However, the flight time with one battery charge lasts a maximum of ten to twelve minutes. The scope of delivery includes two batteries, each with 1,100 mAh.

Is Aldi’s 80-euro drone worth it?

Due to its low price, the QC-800SE WiFi folding drone is primarily suitable for beginners who have not yet had any experience with remote-controlled aircraft. The risk of a collision or even a total loss of the drone is relatively high, especially during the first flight attempts. In view of the low acquisition costs, this risk is more bearable for interested drone newcomers than with expensive models from the competition.

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