Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl wants a series of memoirs “like an encyclopedia”

Dave Grohl is not the first best musician. For a while he played drums for Kurt Cobain with Nirvana, and after Cobain’s death he formed a band that has become world famous. So enough material to write an interesting autobiography. “It will be a series anyway,” he jokes. “Like an encyclopedia!”

Foo Fighters is blowing out 25 candles this year. And to thank the fans, the band had a lot planned. There was a real tour on the program, which was accompanied by a new album and a documentary. But due to the outbreak of the new corona virus, frontman Dave Grohl had to completely empty his agenda.

Embarrassing stories on Instagram

“I forgot the band,” said Grohl during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I forgot the album, the documentary and the video and I focused on my family. Just like everyone else probably did. ” The singer and former Nirvana drummer also spoke of a secret project that fell into the water through Covid-19.

“I didn’t even have a guitar for the first four weeks of quarantine, I didn’t even want to touch one,” he continues. “I’ve decided to start an Instagram page, and listen, that’s my obsession now.” On that page, the musician shares all kinds of embarrassing stories with his fans.


Dave Grohl comes from a family full of writers. His mom even published a book about the life of rock star moms: From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars. When asked if he had thought about writing a book himself, Grohl was very clear: “Yes, absolutely!”

“You know, years ago I was on a barbecue and I met a book agent. And he said, “Have you ever thought about writing a book?” And I said, “Of course, ever.” And he said, “It’s very easy: you give a four or five hour interview and someone otherwise it will write in your name and it will be fantastic. “And I said,”F * ck that! ‘”

Not a typical autobiography

“I come from a family of writers, and even though I am the black sheep, I am not that bad, my God. So I have decided that if I ever write a book it will be in my hands, ”it sounds. Dave Grohl wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t want to stand out from the crowd. The musician doesn’t just want to write a “typical autobiography”.

He likes a collection of funny stories. But it has not happened yet, because he was short of time and did not feel ready. “Something happened every day that I would like to write about,” it sounded.

Mikkley Crüe’s bass guitarist Nikki Sixx has written his biography in three parts, the EW reporter said. And the (joking) Foo Fighters frontman thought that was a fantastic idea: “Oh yeah. It will be a series anyway. Like an encyclopedia! ”


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