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Food against cravings – this is how you can satisfy your sudden appetite

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Food cravings can help you lose weight

Losing weight is easier said than done. In addition to regular exercise, a healthy and balanced diet is also important, but especially in everyday life, when stress accumulates at work and in private life, the body often reacts with spontaneous food cravings. If we then want to do something good for ourselves and give in to our appetite, it quickly happens that we eat more and richer – and then there is no longer any question of losing weight. Here we show you products against cravings, because there are so many means and tricks with which you can fill the supposed hole in the stomach in a healthy way.

Ginger shot


Ginger shot with turmeric from Vitalute – 8.99 euros at Amazon *

Ginger, especially when combined with turmeric and cayenne pepper, can curb cravings in minutes. The powder * also contains important vitamins, fits in every pocket and is simply mixed with a little water to create a tasty, spicy shot.

High fiber bars

Eat natural

Bars by Eat Natural – 14.00 euros at Amazon *

Before you reach for muffins or sheet cakes in the afternoon to satisfy your cravings, a healthy bar * does the same – this one not only tastes deliciously fruity and chocolaty, it is also full of good fiber that will keep you full for a long time.

Apple chips for in between


Apple chips (6-pack) from Seeberger – 12.54 euros at Amazon *

Also a good alternative to gummy bears or chocolate: Apple chips * nibble away deliciously and can replace an unhealthy snack. They are full of fiber and are therefore a much better choice than sweet calories without any significant added value for our metabolism.

Bitter substances dispel cravings

Bitter love

Bitter capsules from Bitterliebe – 14.95 euros at Amazon *

If you want to wait for the next big meal, but your cravings get too big, bitter substances * can help you: They are not only healthy for our body, but also dispel the annoying feeling of hunger that leaves us with nothing else to think about.

Food against food cravings: First and foremost, listen to your body

Basically, a healthy and balanced diet can help you avoid food cravings. Above all, high-fiber diets keep you full for a long time and ensure that your blood sugar level rises and falls more slowly – by the way, you avoid the notorious lows after lunch. And: Those who forbid themselves important meals during the day tend to be more weak with unhealthy snacks in the evening or at night.

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