Football star Greens sees a reunion with the US as the measurement moment

On their way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Dutch football players can finally compete with a top country again on Friday evening. The team of national coach Sarina Wiegman will take on the United States in Breda, a repeat of last year’s World Cup final in France, which the Orange lost 2-0. “That evokes extra feelings”, says Jackie Groenen. “Although you can’t speak of ‘revenge’ now, the mood is very different. This is a friendly match, not a World Cup final.”

According to the 25-year-old Manchester United midfielder, it will mainly be a measurement moment for the Orange on the way to Tokyo. In the European Championship qualification, the European champion hardly faced any opposition. “It is great fun to play against a country like America again. Now we can really see where we are towards the Games,” said Groenen. “We have made strides since last year’s World Cup final. I am very curious how that will turn out against the US. This game comes at a good time for us.”


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