Football star throws Surface to the ground – this is how Microsoft reacts

A well-known football star has once again thrown a Microsoft Surface to the ground in front of the camera. This is how Microsoft reacts and this is what the culprit says.

Update 09/19/2022:

American football star Tom Brady has relapsed: he once again threw a Microsoft Surface tablet on the ground in front of the camera. The Verge reports. Previously, he had already thrown his helmet onto the pitch. At this point, it looked like Brady’s team was going to lose. Hence the freak. But Brady’s team was able to turn the game around and finally won.

Panos Panay, who is responsible for the Surface devices at Microsoft, commented calmly on Brady’s renewed freak out: “Rest assured that the Surface should be fine.” It is not known whether this assessment is correct. there are no pictures showing the Surface after the throw. Anyway, Brady later apologized via Twitter for his Surface throw: “I’m sorry I broke the tablet, but I think it’s going to be another Twitter meme or something.”

According to the National Football League NFL, Microsoft has customized Surface tablets specifically for football games to ensure they “stand up to the occasional drop”.

It is unknown whether the NFL will actually fine Brady, as the NFL announced when he last freaked out in late 2021 (see below).

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A video went viral just before Christmas. In it you can see how the American football star

Tom Brady
throws away a Microsoft Surface tablet live in front of the camera. The litter does not suit the tablet very well:

The reason for the unfriendly behavior towards the Microsoft device: Brady’s team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, lost the game disastrously. Under the litter video, there were prompt comments like: “That was Brady’s best litter”. Even reputable US media like The Verge blasphemed in this way: “Tom Brady’s best shot of the evening destroys Microsoft tablet”. Although The Verge pointed out at the time that this wasn’t the first time a Surface tablet had been abused in this way.

But Brady is now concentrating again on throws on the field. As the quarterback has now announced, according to The Verge, he will be fined if he abuses a tablet in this way again. The NFL, the US National Football League, warned him, Brady said. That’s why he won’t throw another surface. If he does that again, the NFL will fine him. That’s why he made a resolution for 2022 not to throw any more devices around.

Surface tablets in weatherproof cases have been used in the NFL since 2014. Of course, it is no coincidence that the choice fell on Microsoft devices, because behind it is a multi-hundred million dollar deal. Among other things, the tablets are used to analyze moves, as The Verge writes.

Brady is a repeat offender though. He has abused Surface tablets several times in the past, as The Verge writes.

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