For Europe too? Tesla Model 3 from China is to get a heat pump and a new steering wheel

The Tesla Model 3 from the Gigafactory in China will soon get some improvements – and this news has recently been of direct interest to European customers, because according to reports, electric cars will soon be exported from there to other Asian markets and even to Europe. In addition, the innovations should soon reach Tesla from Fremont, and the list is interesting: Among other things, it contains an efficient heat pump like the one in the Tesla Model Y.

Innovations in the Tesla Model 3

The basis for this information is not an official message from Tesla, but a message in the Chinese social network Weibo, which was then passed on on Twitter. Without a source, a Tesla informant known according to Electrek lists: The Tesla Model 3 from China is getting a different steering wheel, a new center console, new lights in the front and rear, an electric tailgate, black instead of chrome-plated moldings and door handles as well Glass with better sound insulation. The heat pump was not mentioned in the original message, but the eight-valve Octovalve that Tesla developed for them, so that the device itself should be included.

When the innovations would be introduced was initially open. On Twitter it was suspected that they could coincide with the launch of the Tesla Model 3 with LFP battery from CATL, the production of which is imminent (albeit for some time). Some of the changes were already known or there were rumors. There has been speculation about an electric tailgate like the Tesla Model Y for a long time. In addition, owners of newly produced Tesla Model 3 recently discovered a smaller Frunk tub that could create space for the heat pump technology. Tesla is also said to have officially registered the black bars on Model 3 at the end of August.

The technically most interesting of the innovations is of course the heat pump, which promises significantly less electricity consumption, especially in the cold. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had already said after her introduction with Model Y that she should get into Model 3 at some point. The steering wheel of the basic Tesla, on the other hand, is occasionally criticized for being too small and of insufficient quality, and the middle console with its high-gloss finish is too sensitive to stains and scratches. Buyers of the Model 3 should also have no objection to less noise when driving thanks to the double glass.

Also in Tesla Model 3 for Europe?

At first, only Chinese customers seem to benefit from these changes, but as with most innovations, Tesla should follow them worldwide later – they may also arrive in Fremont at the same time or earlier and have just not yet leaked. In addition, European customers could soon be supplied directly from China anyway: According to reports from last week, Tesla plans to export electric cars from there to other markets in Asia and Europe from the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021.


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