For example, a Google hoodie can ever control your equipment

The team was specifically concerned with cords, because they can be attached to the hood of a hoodie, for example. With that, Google could eventually make a smart piece of clothing.

The experimental cord was able to control a smart speaker with different movements. A tap on the cord paused or resumed the music, while a twist of the cotton changed the volume. In a second practical test it was possible to scroll through a website with a twist of the cord.

Artificial intelligence

The Google team used artificial intelligence to develop the software used. Twelve people made 864 movements with the cord together, after which the AI ​​linked that to certain actions.

Built-in lights should provide feedback. For example, they turn blue when you turn the cord in the right direction or they flash when an incoming message arrives.

It will probably take a while before we encounter the technology in the wild: the search giant has only made prototypes at the moment. Plans for a concrete product have not yet been announced.


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