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For example, restaurants are creative with social distancing Lifestyle

by Jasmijn Kop

A lamp to eat in

French designer Christophe Gernigo has come up with a solution for not only safe but also stylish dining. The so-called Plex’Eat is a plexiglass shield that hangs on the heads of restaurant visitors, located on the ceiling. The shield has an opening at the back for guests to easily stand and sit on. So it is a kind of shield, which, although it does have some science fiction, but in the meantime reduces the transmission of germs and drops when people are together in a small space.

A hat made of foam bars

In Germany, the catering industry was allowed to open again under strict conditions two weeks ago. Restaurant Café & Konditorei Rothe found the perfect solution to ensure distance with their hats made from so-called pool noodles.

Company of mannequins

Earlier in this article, VRIJ wrote about a three-star restaurant in Washington, Virginia that used clothed mannequins to fill the restaurant’s void. In addition to the restaurant being nicely filled, the mannequins are also very useful to check whether everyone is adhering to the requested distance.

Dining in a greenhouse

This idea was also passed around the world: at Mediamatic you can dine completely corona-proof in your own greenhouse. Not only safe, but the chambre séparée, already known in France, also brings some romantic intimacy. The greenhouses serve meals on long wooden boards, so that the servers do not have to enter your own greenhouse.


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