For example, Ryanair wants to organize flights again from 1 July

Ryanair was one of the first European airlines that decided to stop carrying passengers in this corona crisis. As a result, the low-cost airline has been on hold for almost two months. But from July 1, Ryanair wants to start flying again.

“It is important to our customers and staff that we can return to somewhat normal flight schedules from July 1,” said Eddie Wilson, CEO of Ryanair. “After four months, it’s time to get Europe back on the air, so we can reunite friends and families, people can return to work, and restart tourism in Europe, which creates millions of jobs.”

1,000 flights a day

The airline emphasizes that a restart is dependent on the European Union, which currently has to lift restrictions on air traffic. In addition, they also depend on any additional measures in force at various airports.

On July 1, Ryanair plans to return 1,000 flights a day, accounting for 40 percent of their pre-coronaciris occupancy. Those flights will reach 90 percent of their former destinations. The Irish low-cost carrier previously announced that it would dispose of 3,000 pilots and cabin crew, or 15 percent of their staff.

Extra security measures

Ryanair also shared a video today to explain how they want to prevent coronavirus infections on their flights from 1 July. Passengers are advised to always check in online, preferably with priority. You can also check in your luggage at the airport using the self-service.

They may also take your temperature before you get out and send you home if it is too high. In addition, they also ask everyone to do social distancing if possible and to wear a mouth mask. Disinfectant gel will also be provided at the airport and aircraft will be thoroughly disinfected every day.

You may no longer join the boarding gate, although it is not immediately stated how they will organize this in practice. And on the plane you are not allowed to join the toilet and you must remain seated until the flight attendant gives you permission to go to the toilet.

For example, Ryanair wants to prevent infections on their flights


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