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For example, the TV channels will start at the stroke of midnight 2021

There is a good chance that you will be at home on the couch at 11:59 pm, waiting for 2021. How will the TV channels start the new year one minute later? There is music, a lot of music. And an old tennis match.

Many will toast to friends or family with an appropriate number of people, due to the corona measures, to a better year than 2020. But there will also be many people at home and leave these old and new for what it is a bit more sober. Boredom is not necessary. Numerous live streams with artists have sprung up, board games are popular again, you can of course compile and play your 2020 farewell mockery list, and television scores sky-high ratings by default on December 31.

With what will the TV channels go into 2021?

NPO 1 will count down ten minutes after Youp van ‘t Hek’s New Year’s Eve conference and continue for twenty minutes during the National Countdown Moment (with light show) from the Johan Cruijff ArenA. From 00.20 hours two repeats of earlier this New Year’s Eve: the first broadcast of Matthijs (from Nieuwkerk) continues and again Youp.

A transmitter button further on, NPO 2 also has it National Countdown Moment. After that, the gold of old is what the clock strikes: The best of MAX Proms (Metropole Orchestra) and early music for four hours Back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

A photo of Frans Bauer that can be seen on NPO 3 at the start of 2021
Frans Bauer sings on NPO 3 tonight. Photo: / Paul Bergen

Before and after the turn of the year, the third NPO network consists entirely of music. From 10:25 pm it is Music party of the year 2020 (Frans Bauer will not be missing), followed by The best of… (from the rich archive of Top doll). And at half past three? Just one more time that dazzling Music Party.

Special from The Masked Singer

On to the commercial. RTL 4 ends the old year with a New Year’s Eve conference by Guido Weijers, who also talks about his favorite podcasts on this website today. Then a special of the 2020 success will follow until midnight The Masked Singer. RTL counts down with RTL New Year, showing a compilation of the national fireworks of recent years. Beau van Erven Dorens enters 2021 with the protagonists of the news from 2020.

The same RTL New Year can be seen on RTL 5, followed by – yes – music! A concert by Tino Martin in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam can be seen and then the hips go loose at Trijntje Oosterhuis with again the Metropole Orchestra. Still awake? You can enjoy teleshopping from 2.20 am.

A photo of the Meiland family counting down to 2021
The Meiland family is counting down on SBS6. Photo: / Vincent Jannink

As if they haven’t been in the picture enough yet, the Meiland family is ready to count down with the viewers of SBS6 tonight at 11:58 p.m. Then, you hardly expect it anymore: music! The Friends of Amstel LIVE 2020 can be seen, one of the last events where the hall (Rotterdam Ahoy) was still filled with thousands of people. Also is the concert Davina Michelle: My own world to see. She talked about the album of the same name in August Subway.

RTL 7 has… music! The year is heralded (and the new year started) with Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen live in Budapest, interrupted by again the RTL New Year. Before homeshopping starts another concert, U2 – Innocence: Live in Berlin.

It will be in 2021, but not on TV

Veronica pretends it’s not New Year’s Eve and skips the sober party for a year. 2020 ends with the film Escape from New York, ushered in the new year with a cozy movie about a devastated earth, Blade Runner.

Other smaller channels also do not have a special old and new broadcast. A mini overview of the start of 2021:
• NET 5: the romantic comedy What Happens in Vegas.
• RTL 8: concert of the Ladies of Soul in the Ziggo Dome.
• Discovery: Expedition unknown, report on an archaeological dig in Egypt.
• National Geographic: Nazi megastructures. “Cozy”: documentary about the Blitzkrieg, the warfare of Adolf Hitler.
• 24Kitchen: Christmas special with Jamie Oliver.
• Ziggo Sport: Sport stories, the highlights of 5 years of Ziggo Sport.
• Fox, called ESPN from 00:00: ESPN Funniest, a compilation of bloopers. ESPN 2 has a documentary (already broadcast 28 times) about the soccer players of the Dutch Junior Team.
• Eurosport: Olympic Games: Hall of Fame. Eurosport 2 has an old Roland Garros tennis match by the way. If you are ready for that: which match has not yet been announced.
• MTV: Ridiculousness (internet videos).

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For example, the TV channels will start at the stroke of midnight 2021


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