For more clicks: Youtuber deliberately crashes the plane

A blatant video shows a Youtuber jumping out of a plane that’s crashing into the mountains. But the crash was fake. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now determined this.

Update 4/25/2022:

The plane crash, which a spectacular YouTube video shows (see below), was caused intentionally by the pilot Trevor Jacob. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now determined this. The FAA therefore withdraws Jacob’s flight license, as reported by the New York Times. The reason, according to Spiegel Online: Trevor Jacob piloted his plane in a “careless or reckless manner that endangered the life or property of another”. Jacob has confirmed the revocation of the pilot’s license in a video.

Update end, beginning of the original message:

Youtuber Trevor Jacob posted a video on 12/24/2021 showing his light plane crashing. According to Jacob, the crash was not planned and was in fact an accident. The spectacular video has already been clicked well over a million times. But immediately there were doubts about Jacob’s account: the crash was fake and was only intended to get the corresponding YouTube channel more clicks. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating.

This is the video of the crash currently released by Trevor Jacob:

In the video, which is not quite 13 minutes long, you can see how Jacob flies his plane, a Taylorcraft BL64, from Lompoc City Airport in Santa Barbara to Mammoth Lakes on November 24, 2021 and then suddenly its engine stops and Jacob jumps off with his parachute (which he had already strapped on) and lands on the ground in the undergrowth. The plane crashes into the mountains of the Los Padres National Forest near Cuyama, California. Jacob, who only got a few scratches, is allegedly rescued later in the dark by a farmer who happens to be passing by. Cameras were attached to the plane so the crash could be accurately filmed, and Jacob also filmed his skydive and what happened on the ground.

According to the technology site The Drive, commentators with flight experience immediately put together under the video what was questionable or implausible about the video. So the accusation is that the video is posed. Jacob promptly switched off the comment function. But now reaction videos have appeared on YouTube, here is an example. In addition, the video currently visible on Jacob’s channel should no longer be the original, but a shortened version. The original video was 17 minutes long, according to AWWeb. Some of the scenes that have since been cut out can still be found in some reaction videos.

This video summarizes many criticisms of the authenticity of the crash:

Some of the criticisms

Jacob would never wear a parachute otherwise, and certainly not a sports parachute like the one seen in the crash video. This emerges from other flight videos of him. So why was he wearing a parachute on that particular flight? Pilots would rarely put on a parachute during flight in such small aircraft anyway because of the cramped conditions. However, in an Instagram photo from September, Jacob can be seen wearing the same parachute harness, The Drive points out.

Why didn’t Jacob let the plane sail a little more to find a spot for an emergency landing? And why did he laboriously climb to the crash site when he thought he was in a life-threatening emergency? In addition, Jacob only bought the Taylorcraft BL64 a month before the accident. Upon purchase, Jacob allegedly told the previous owner that he wanted to “do something special” with the plane.

In addition to other criticisms of Trevor’s behavior, it is also pointed out that he only received his pilot’s license in mid-2020. So maybe it’s just a beginner’s mistake? That’s for the Federal Aviation Administration to decide.

Another aviation youtuber claims that another of Jacob’s planes allegedly circled over the crash site days earlier on flight tracker FlightAware. FlightAware records an aircraft’s real-time and historical flight paths.

Jacob’s YouTube channel is all about spectacular and terrifying “stunts”.

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