For Tesla under Model 3? New electric car building land designated next to China factory

At the beginning of 2020, the first gigafactory outside of Tesla’s home country USA officially opened in China – and in its first year it already contributed almost 30 percent to the global production of a total of around 510,000 electric cars. For this year, the China boss has even planned a capacity of 450,000 Model 3 and, more recently, Model Y. And apparently it shouldn’t stay that way either: Near the current Gigafactory, the local government has designated new building land for electric car production, and observers assume that it is intended for Tesla.

So far 860,000 square meters for Tesla in China

Tesla’s current Gigafactory site in China is reportedly 860,000 square meters in size and is constantly being filled with new buildings. In the meantime, a second hall for Model Y has been added to the first large hall for Model 3, and there are also many outbuildings. The property is located in an industrial zone in the planned town of Lingang near Shanghai and has been leased by Tesla for 50 years.

Whether the new building land will also only be made available temporarily cannot be inferred from the reports on it and excerpts from the official announcement on Twitter. It was also sometimes said that the property was right next to the current Tesla factory, while other reports only spoke of “nearby”.


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According to the translated tender by the government of Shanghai, the size of 416,000 square meters for the new building land is certain, i.e. about half as much as the previous Tesla property in China. It also shows that it is to be used for the production of “new energy vehicles”, probably electric cars. This would mean that many manufacturers in China would still be considered as tenants or buyers, but the local publication Global Times, for example, reported that the country should go to Tesla.

Space for electric car under Model 3?

According to further information in the tender, 52.6 percent of the newly designated industrial area can be built on. In addition, an investment of 14,925 yuan (around 1900 euros) per square meter is required, although it is not clear whether this refers to the total area or just the buildings. For some time there has been speculation about a Tesla electric car below the Model 3 from China, which CEO Elon Musk has already generally confirmed. According to some reports, it will be sold as early as 2022, for which the property tender that has now started would probably come in time.


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