For these factors, many employees would accept less salary

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The issue of equal opportunities and diversity in the work environment seems to have become more and more popular among the general public against the background of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

A representative survey of the online job platform “Stepstone”, which, like, belongs to Axel Springer, shows that the world of work and the priorities of employees have changed in terms of diversity. Accordingly, it is increasingly important for professionals – in addition to factors such as salary, corporate culture or training opportunities – that the potential employer stands for diversity.

Stepstone conducted the online survey in collaboration with the Handelsblatt Media Group to find out what role diversity plays in entrepreneurial strategies, in people’s day-to-day work in Germany and when looking for a job. For this purpose, 11,000 people were asked how much they make sure that a company is committed to issues such as openness and equal opportunities.

Willingness to lose wages for more diversity in the company

In fact, 77 percent of all respondents said they would rather apply to a company that lives diversity. In addition, 78 percent expressly stated that they would like to work in a diverse environment.

Furthermore, 70 percent of those questioned stated that more women in management positions, more employees from different backgrounds, the cooperation of people with and without disabilities or a mixed age workforce had a great positive impact on economic success, employee motivation and the corporate image.

Four out of ten of those surveyed would even go one step further and accept a lower salary if they could work for it in a diverse company. Discrimination in the work environment would definitely be grounds for dismissal for two thirds of the survey participants.

Employers are slow to follow through on diversity

According to Dr. Anastasia Hermann, head of research at Stepstone, expects employees that their employer will be actively and authentically committed to equal opportunities and openness. However, according to the survey, the implementation of the desired measures to promote diversity by employers is still expandable. Because in 60 percent of companies, efforts for more diversity in their own company did not yet play a major role, the respondents said. Only about every third company actually has equal opportunities when hiring new employees.

Dr. Hermann emphasizes that companies need time to implement the wishes for more diversity and equal opportunities. Even if more and more employers had recognized the importance of the topic, implementation still had to be prioritized.


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