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For these reasons, mindfulness is good for you

What is Mindfulness?

Often times, meditation and mindfulness are confused, but they are actually two different things. Michael Pilarczyk, mindset and mindfulness coach and writer of Master your Mindset, understands this confusion.

He says the following about this: “In both meditation and mindfulness it is about conscious living, in and at the moment. That means that you do not continuously let your thoughts drift into the past or the future, but that you are busy with it here. and now.”

According to Pilarczyk, mindfulness is the constant experience and realization of what you are and what you are doing, while meditation is an activity, just like exercising or cooking.

Why mindfulness is so good for you

There are many reasons to practice mindfulness – some of which have actually been scientifically proven. We have listed the greatest benefits of mindfulness for you.

Lowering your stress level

Mindfulness brings you the necessary relaxation, which is important to reduce stress. In addition, it can be an alternative to antidepressants even in cases of mild depression.

If you suffer from a lot of stress, the doctor or psychologist can recommend a mindfulness course. By getting acquainted with mindfulness and then practicing it regularly, you learn to distance yourself from thoughts and to let yourself be less carried away by them.

Better focus

Also to get a better focus, for example on work, it is advisable to give mindfulness a try. Because you are always present in the moment with mindfulness, you can better concentrate on actions that need to be carried out. You can focus better on the company and your colleagues and you become less prone to distraction. This ultimately leads to working more efficiently and getting more work done.

Sleep better

Are you a bad sleeper? Then mindfulness therapy can help you. Research shows that mindfulness therapy helps to reduce complaints in people with insomnia.

Mindfulness in combination with meditation is an excellent way to let your body completely relax and at the same time to completely empty your head. This guarantees that you will fall asleep faster and you will have a finer and probably more constant sleep, because you doze off so relaxed.

Better in your skin

Practicing mindfulness lowers the production of the cortisol hormone. This hormone is responsible for regulating stress levels. This makes you feel more relaxed and less likely to develop fears or depressive feelings. You see life more positively and you can put things into perspective, which ensures that you learn to look at the world with an open mind. This makes things feel lighter: that one rotten job that you initially dreaded suddenly seems much less annoying!


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