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Força Koeman of Videoland nice view on ‘bizarre Barcelona’

Ronald Koeman simply couldn’t say no to the call from ‘his’ FC Barcelona in August. He allowed cameras and now lets us enjoy his life at a bizarre club in a documentary. Subways Look at the Buis.

Blik op de Buis is the column of reporter Erik Jonk, about TV in general and new and striking programs from television channels and streaming services.

Força Koeman now on Videoland

“I have such a past here,” Ronald Koeman sighs in the backseat of a taxi. It is the beginning of the documentary series Força Koeman. The three-part documentary can be seen on Videoland from today. The world famous football coach himself will not have gotten out of bed happy about this this morning. Last night FC Barcelona got a blow in the Champions League. Paris Saint Germain slaughtered his team in their own Camp Nou with 1-4.

Let’s quickly forget that game and this one Look at the Buis target Força Koeman. What that is enjoyment for the football fan, but actually for every TV and streaming service viewer. Manager Rob Jansen is quick to say: “A world club always comes at the right time, but at the same time FC Barcelona always comes at the wrong time.” And Memphis Depay, who played in Orange under Ronald Koeman and was himself in the picture at ‘Barça’: „You often say no to Barcelona. It’s Barcelóna. ”

Força Koeman blown into feast

That makes Força Koeman very worth seeing. Or better: enjoy it. Because what a club that Barcelona is. Just step in there as the greatest defeat in living memory has just happened. And the question is whether superstar Lionel Messi will ever kick a ball at Camp Nou again.

Of course we see Ronald Koeman’s famous free kick at Wembley Stadium in London. In 1992, he gave Barcelona the first victory in the Champions League (then European Cup I) with that pegel against Sampdoria. But also the historic defeat in the ball of millions last summer. Barcelona was slaughtered 2-8 by Bayern Munich. That was when Ronald Koeman had better keep his phone at hand.

That took exactly 24 hours. And Koeman happened to be in his second home in Barcelona. He had already been called twice before, but as coach of the Dutch national team he said no. Now he could no longer resist the call. His wife Bartina Força Koeman: “Ronald looked at me and said: Now I’m really not going to say no anymore.” That was also possible. The popular trainer had an escape clause included in his contract with the KNVB. That only applied to a departure for his great love: FC Barcelona. “Sometimes you have to be a bit selfish in football.”

Everyone agreed with Koeman

Hardly anyone in the Netherlands blamed Koeman. Corona has been making him ‘unemployed’ for a long time, because of no international matches. And the prospect of the European Championship was still completely uncertain last summer. In addition, a heart attack during the first corona wave will have made him think. Like: I have to get what I can get.

The images of his arrival at the club are beautiful. What a madhouse. Suddenly we are in 1989, when he comes to Spain from PSV. Young head, white hair. Snowflake fans and journalists called him. But also the Cannon of Barcelona. Het Kanon who wore the red-blue shirt 192 times and scored 67 times as a defender. Including that one cannonball at Wembley. “People still thank me for it on the street.”

A photo of Ronald Koeman with the Barcelona shirt
Ronald Koeman is back home. Photo: Videoland

Ronald Koeman is a man with a good luck factor. That makes Força Koeman pleasant to watch. The player of Orange who wiped his butt with a German football shirt. But also a gifted football player who played for Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord. And those three Dutch top clubs all trained as well. When he also achieved successes with Orange, Koeman became ‘all of us’. But his setbacks just as much appeal to the imagination. So last year’s heart attack was a shock. But also that rotten disease k, which his wife had to overcome twice. With such setbacks you give someone the best.

Children play a role

In addition to agent Jansen, Frenkie de Jong, Memphis Depay and wife Bartina, his three children also play a role in Força Koeman. That his daughter Debbie, son Tim (both born in Barcelona) and son Ronald Jr. The latter is a professional goalkeeper at Top Oss. Debbie and Tim’s first memory of Barcelona is a beautiful one: neighbor Johan Cruijff. To them, he was not the then trainer of one of the most famous clubs in the world. No, he was that nice neighbor who looked after them regularly. “That was very nice.”

A photo of Ronald Koeman during a dinner with the Barcelona board
A dinner with Barcelona board members. Photo: Videoland

Wonderful to see. Subway saw only the first part of the three. But that gives enough reason to look further. His battle with (or about) Messi, for example. It must go in Força Koeman after part 1 still start completely. And how did he deal with that bad start at the club that is so dear to him? The only downside of the documentary perhaps: that it arrives a bit early. Ronald Koeman had just got his team back on track. And then last night’s blow followed. With the 1-4 against Paris Saint Germain, he seems to be playing a lost season. And that is missing.

Number of cans: 3.5 out of 5.

A photo of Erik Jonk in Blik op de Buis

Blik op de Buis is the column of reporter Erik Jonk, about TV in general and new and striking programs from television channels and streaming services.

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Força Koeman of Videoland nice look behind the scenes of ‘bizarre Barcelona’


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