Ford Focus, Renault Mégane, Skoda Octavia: three station wagons in the test

Which of the three compact petrol station wagons packs away the most?

Do you want a lot of space? Then these compact station wagons are just right! AUTO BILD is testing Focus, Mégane and Octavia in the 150 PS gasoline class.

1st place with 565 out of 800 points: Skoda Octavia Combi 1.5 TSI ACT. A balanced chassis meets a solid basic concept. Best space, top multimedia. Price: from 29,682 euros (savings at up to 4,988 euros).
2nd place with 540 out of 800 points: Ford Focus Tournament 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid. Tight chassis and sporty steering meet an alert engine. But outdated multimedia system. Price from 30,268 euros (savings at up to 6824 euros).
3rd place with 515 out of 800 points: Renault Mégane Grandtour TCe 140. Fine multimedia and sophisticated engine, but unfortunately much too tight in the rear and the smallest trunk. Price: from 27,197 euros (savings at up to 5975 euros).

Best products for wheel swapping

Kunzer WK 1075 FSH

Test winner

Price *: 184.90 euros

Michelin 92416

Price-performance winner

Price *: 80.79 euros

Hazet 5122-3 CT

Test winner

Price *: 137.90 euros

Goodyear 75522

Price-performance winner

Price *: 47.59 euros

Makita DTW 285

Test winner

Price *: 164.74 euros

* Prices as of September 29th, 2020

There are supposed to be people who look at the bottom or the rear first. This is absolutely correct, because what use is the most beautiful front if it doesn’t fit at the back? So when the bike gets wedged under the flat roof or the edge is too high and the dog does not want to jump in. So, let’s pay attention to the rear too! A lot of things are okay with our three test candidates: Skoda Octavia Combi with 1.5-liter gasoline engine, 150 hp, Ford Focus Tournament with brand new one-liter three-cylinder, electric assistance and 155 hp and Renault Mégane Grand Tour, 1.3-liter four-cylinder with 140 hp, also manual switch.

The Octavia Combi scores points with its size

SKODA Octavia Combi 1.5 TSI

Unbeatably large: with up to 1700 liters of space behind the tailgate, the Octavia beats the competition.

© Roman Raetzke / AUTO BILD

in the Trunk chapter the Octavia takes its first victory. Sure, the Czech with VW genes has always parked between Golf and Passat, the space is accordingly generous: 640 to 1700 liters trunk are an announcement Ford (635 to 1653) lands just behind, Renault has with 521 to 1504 liters clearly losing out. But scores with other qualities. This Fluffy carpet others lay down in the living room, Skoda only has the back cheap needle felt. The roller shutter in the Mégane is guided on the sides, at Ford it hangs down on the left and right when pulling out. It is a pity that the French made a good impression by two limp felt flaps Bad in the trunk, speakers on the left, bandages on the right. And it’s a shame that we have to complain when we try to sit in the rear: The roof spar pulled down far causes headbuttons, the bench is too low, you have to Bend your legs – and you shouldn’t lean back too far, then your neck will hit the headrests.

The Mégane is the best way to travel in row one

RENAULT Mégane Grandtour TCe 140

The Mégane is full of good ideas, and the infotainment is also impressive. Unfortunately it is a bit small.

© Roman Raetzke / AUTO BILD

Really a shame because that Mégane is full of good ideas, one is the foldable passenger seat, another is the huge one, like Tesla’s upright sat nav screen, for which we like to pay 965 euros extra. Good ideas also in focus? Oh yeah! The double loading floor is foldable, for example, the back seat has a hatch for the skis, when you open the doors, the edge protection extends automatically. But unfortunately they are installing a navigation system in which Screen and icons too small are and its voice recognition does not always understand the simplest of destinations. Well, it doesn’t cost anything either, from “Cool & Sound” Ford installs it for free. But we have to say: The others are on! And so we are at the third test candidate: Welcome, new Skoda Octavia! If you have ordered the Combi (Skoda really writes with C) as a company car: look forward to it! OK, cheap needle felt at the back, at least it looks robust. And the car is totally thought out. Double loading floor, as with the others, the (guided!) Loading roller can be stowed underneath, ski hatch.

The best car care products

Dr. Wack P21S high end

Price *: 9.71 euros

Test result: highly recommended

DR. WACK A1 Speed ​​Wax Plus 3

Price *: from 15.10 euros

Test result: highly recommended

Koch Chemie Shine Speed ​​Polish

Price *: 22.85 euros

Test result: highly recommended

Sonax Xtreme window cleaner summer

Price *: 5.76 euros

Test result: highly recommended

A1 upholstery and alcantara cleaner

Price *: 8.52 euros

Test result: highly recommended

* Prices as of April 17th, 2020

There is that in the rear best space, the most comfortable entry, Front seat backrests with an extra compartment for a mobile phone, two charging sockets in the middle at the back 230 volt connection, even in the “First Edition” we tested Blinds on the side windows. Yes, the Czechs have installed hard plastic from the B-pillar, but it looks – and that’s an art – not cheap! Looks even better than Brother Golf, and that too We like ergonomics better: In order to hit the icons safely while driving, you can put your hand in front of the monitor, and whoever cannot use the “slider” for loud and quiet, i.e. does not want to wipe, has to turn a roller on the steering wheel, fine!

We find the sportiest companion in the Focus tournament

FORD Focus Tournament 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid

Curve artist: The Ford is agile, the suspension is almost too tight, the one-liter three-cylinder is thirsty.

© Roman Raetzke / AUTO BILD

Where we’re already going. And have a question for Skoda: How do you come up 8.3 seconds for the sprint of 0 to 100? We have 9.3 measured. Ford and Renault are even more nimble than in the papers that VW petrol engine goes there rather leisurely to work, but is with 224 km / h faster than the competition (Ford: 209, Renault: 205). And it depends on the combination of everything, well Steering, springs, shifting. And guess what? There is the Octavia for a compact one nearly perfect. Four cylinders run smoothly and quietly, gearshift pleases with short distances, steering comfortable, chassis ditto, are also Variable damper inside, which ensure that the Octavia rolls in the most balanced way over jumble slopes. Renault is not at this level, which is 1.3 worse insulated, the chassis turns a bump into several, because it re-springs, the gear knob is too long, they feel accordingly long Switching paths at.

And ford with new Miracle engine? Sport Ford! Agile, suspension almost too tight, what the load nervous on patch slopes lets prance, direct steering. But it will engine Driven as much as he can, he drinks. The transmission is in the lower gears translated briefly (switch a lot!), and unfortunately only works from 3000 tours the post off. With all the Skoda praise: there should be people who also pay attention to money. Then Renault and Ford’s butts get interesting again. They are with test car prices of 27,197 euros, respectively 30,268 euros namely cheaper than that 33,550 euros expensive Octavia Combi that we tested in the First Edition. It is now also available in the Style version for a significantly cheaper 29,682 euros.

The bottom line: Seldom is a test so clear-cut, and rarely does a car win so confidently. The Skoda Octavia Combi also drives away from the competition as a 1.5-liter petrol engine, and does not have any weaknesses. The sporty character of the Ford speaks for itself, the Renault is worth considering because of its low prices.


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