Ford Focus tournament in the endurance test

Let’s be honest, a compact station wagon like the Ford Focus Tournament is just the right size for everyday use. On the one hand, he is for close Parking garages and gaps still compact enough. On the other hand, the interior is large and variable enough to handle larger transports or longer business trips in a relaxed manner. The 635 to 1653 liter trunk is easy to use, and with a maximum of 517 kilos, the Focus can really pack something.

Ford Focus tournament with savings of up to € 9060 at

The smooth-running two-liter four-cylinder diesel with 150 PS and the eight-speed automatic are a successful – and economical – combination. Even the chassis is still tight and rattle-free after the many kilometers – our test tournament soon reached the 100,000 mark. As I said, the Focus really does away with something.

Ford Focus Tournament 2.0

1.8 meter long packages fit easily in the trunk.

The Ford Focus tournament in the AUTO BILD long-term test

Endurance test start: 17th November 2019
Price of the test car with extras: 39,610 euros
Driven so far: 97,159 km
Test consumption: 5.9 l D / 100 km
Top: Motor with good smoothness and sufficient torque. Well-balanced suspension setup.
Not so good: The eight-speed automatic does not sometimes work smoothly when downshifting.

Ford Focus in the AUTO BILD used car market

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