Ford Granada 2.0 L: Garage Fund has less than 50,000 km down

Cars like this Ford Granada are few and far between. Mothballed at a young age, run under 50,000 kilometers and in remarkable condition. The limousine is currently for sale on eBay! But from the beginning.

Taken out of the garage after 26 years

This titanium-blue Granada ran off the assembly line in 1982. Major Tom was still on the radio and its first owner, built in 1914, made exactly two crosses in the price list: the power steering (does power steering make sense in the classic?) And the right one Exterior mirrors. In the following twelve years the Ford put in moderate 49,250 kilometers back, has been checked and, to all appearances, treated with care: in the interior you can only a few signs of wear recognize.

In the year In 1994 the general inspection of the Granada came to an end. A last parking ticket from this year is also still in the interior, according to the text of the advertisement. The sedan slumbered in the garage for 26 years – until 2020, when a collector took the dormant Ford out of the garage and made it for around 3500 euros ready to drive again.

Ford Granada 2.0 L on eBay

eBay Ford Granada

The Granada should be premium

With the Granada, Ford wanted to chase away the premium rivals of BMW and Mercedes customers in the early 1970s – with a sweeping body, powerful V6 engines and an elaborately designed chassis (Double wishbones at the front, independent suspension at the rear). At least that’s what the advertising campaign at the time suggested with the words: “Europe’s top group has had competition. Ford Granada.” Even if that – Ford simply lacked the necessary image – probably didn’t work, the Granada still sold well. After all, it offered a lot of equipment and good driving characteristics for relatively little money. There was one too CoupĂ© and a station wagon version, as well as even a Fastback with sloping roof (Newsabc selects the 100 most beautiful cars of all time)
eBay Ford Granada

What does the Ford Granada cost on eBay?

Of course, the copy on offer is not entirely free of defects. There is three rust spotswhich can still be remedied by the provider for a thousand surcharge. But first they wanted to get the original paint, writes the seller. The sills and inside of the fenders, on the other hand, are rustproof. the HU has already been renewed (This is how expensive the main inspection is). The Granada is in Illingen in Saarland and costs 5555 euros. With that he moves priced in the middle of the currently offered Granadas. In view of the very low mileage and the transparent history, a reasonable price, the Ford should really look as good as described in the offer. Since the selection of vehicles is still quite large, the prices are generally not too high.

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