Ford in the TÜV report 2021: These models are not recommended

Defect check: How do Ford models perform at the HU?

Not all Ford models are in good shape in the general inspection. What should used car buyers look out for? Here is the overview from the TÜV report 2021.

E.Bringing affordable vehicles to the market for everyone was the basic idea of ​​Henry Ford. The engineer, who developed his first steam engine at the age of 15, took a decisive step in this direction with the introduction of the assembly line, which set new standards in mass production. More than 115 years after the establishment of the factory founded in Detroit, which is considered to be the origin of the group, Ford has developed into one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Not only new Ford vehicles, but also vehicles from previous ownership have enjoyed great popularity for many years. Which used Ford is worthwhile, and which models should you look carefully at?

Several vans convince

The Ford Fusion minivan is not an automotive beauty, but it is robust and inexpensive.

© Plant

There is a lot of praise for the older Ford Fusion, for example. The TÜV inspectors hardly found anything to complain about in the minivan, which was built until 2012. Even in its eleventh year, the Fusion gets the badge almost without any problems. Its successor, the B-Max, also scores significantly better than the average in the minivan segment. The Ford C-Max is also cheap, spacious and good. Here the examiners only criticize the lighting.

€ 4,499

Ford Ka 1.2 Champions Edition 69 First hand, gasoline

95,973 km
51 kW (69 hp)

Petrol, 5.3 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 125 g / km *

€ 4,900

Ford Ka 1.2 system, gasoline

75,700 km
51 kW (69 hp)

Petrol, 4.9 l / 100km (combined) CO2 115 g / km *

€ 5,290

Ford Ka 1.2 Titanium, gasoline

46,350 km
51 kW (69 hp)

Petrol, 4.9 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 116 g / km *

€ 5,350

Ford Ka 1.2 || FUNKZ | E-WINDOW | 2 HAND | WSS-BEHE, petrol

49,530 km
51 kW (69 hp)

Petrol, 4.9 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 116 g / km *

€ 5,370

Ford Ka 1.2 ambience # #, gasoline

64,387 km
51 kW (69 hp)

Petrol, 5.3 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 125 g / km *

€ 5,450

Ford Ka 1.2 Duratec Trend Edition, petrol

39,230 km
51 kW (69 hp)

Petrol, CO2 0 g / km *

€ 5,550

Ford Ka 1.2 Titanium Beh Frontsch, petrol

71,950 km
51 kW (69 hp)

Petrol, 4.9 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 116 g / km *

14513 Teltow, Autohaus Klann GmbH

47608 Geldern, Auto Maibom OHG

29229 Celle, Erdmannsky GmbH

04103 Leipzig, Autohaus Liebe Leipzig

97616 Bad Neustadt, Autohaus Gaul & Klamt GmbH & Co.KG

38302 Wolfenbüttel, Autohaus Piske GmbH

47167 Duisburg, Autohaus Am Ruhrdeich GmbH

Be careful with the Galaxy and S-Max

Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy is big and practical. Unfortunately, the space giant is not very solid.

© Toni Bader / AUTO BILD

The verdict for the Galaxy and the S-Max is less positive. In the main inspection, both are often negative. On the one hand, this is due to the high weight, because the chassis parts suffer, especially in heavy vehicles that already weigh more than 1.5 tons. And neither the Galaxy nor the S-Max weigh less than 1.6 tons in the base. Both models have problems with steering, tie rods and tie rod ends across almost all age groups.

€ 13,399

Ford Galaxy 1.6 Business Edition EcoBoost Beheizb Frontsch Multif steering wheel, petrol

98,492 km
118 kW (160 PS)

Petrol, 7.2 l / 100km (combined) CO2 171 g / km *

€ 13,999

Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi, diesel

105,600 km
103 kW (140 PS)

Diesel, 5.3 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 140 g / km *

€ 14,880

Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi Titanium, diesel

108,000 km
120 kW (163 hp)

Diesel, 5.3 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 139 g / km *

€ 14,890

Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi Champion Sight Package, Diesel

96,574 km
103 kW (140 PS)

Diesel, 5.4 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 143 g / km *

€ 16,390

Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi Business Edition Business, Diesel

99,875 km
120 kW (163 hp)

Diesel, 5.3 l / 100km (comb.) CO2 139 g / km *

€ 16,900

Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi, diesel

132,438 km
132 kW (179 hp)

Diesel, CO2 0 g / km *

€ 16,900

Ford Galaxy “Titanium”, diesel

71,900 km
132 kW (179 hp)

Diesel, CO2 0 g / km *

61169 Friedberg, MTS Automobile GmbH – Friedberg

74821 Mosbach, car dealership Hch. Gramling GmbH & Co. KG

56070 Koblenz, Moll Automobile GmbH & Co KG

37269 Eschwege, König am Hessenring GmbH & Co. KG

49134 Wallenhorst, used car center Wallenhorst

21465 Wentorf near Hamburg, Kamux Wentorf

18437 Stralsund, Autohaus Dürkop GmbH

In addition, the TÜV inspectors on the Galaxy and S-Max also note oil loss and defects in the lighting system. These weak points also emerge early and sometimes drag on through several generations. To be fair, it should be said that both models are very popular with families, but they usually receive little care there. Nevertheless, neither high weight nor lack of maintenance or frequent use should cause so many above-average defects that then appear so early. In the gallery you can find out how other Ford series perform at TÜV and what used car buyers can look out for!

* Further information on the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions and, if applicable, the power consumption of new cars can be found in the “Guide to Official Fuel Consumption”, which is available free of charge at all sales points and from “Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH” (www


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