Ford Mustang: Annoyed neighbor fills exhaust with construction foam

Building foam silences Mustang

Because his neighbor’s Mustang was too loud for him, an American suddenly sprayed construction foam in his exhaust system – and left a threatening letter!

MWith a loud V8, you don’t just make friends. This Mustang owner from the USA got to feel this very clearly: To silence the sonorous Ponycar, an annoyed neighbor sprayed construction foam into the exhaust system! But that’s not all: the neighbor’s anger was obviously so great that he immediately left a threatening letter.

In this case, it is obviously a Mustang GT of the latest generation with facelift – including accessory exhaust system. The 450 hp five-liter V8 should actually make a lot of noise. That was probably too much for a neighbor: On the Facebook pictures posted by owner Aaron Robinson, you can see how the tailpipes of the Mustang are completely filled with construction foam. Robinson found a threatening letter with the lines: “You have 14 days to repair the muffler or to assemble the series part. Do not incite us yet, you would regret it!”

According to the owner, silencers and tailpipes were destroyed by the construction foam. The action is a case of vandalism, Robinson reported the incident to the police. Another curiosity in the story: A special function of the standard Mustang is supposed to prevent such neighborhood disputes. The Ford Mustang GT has had a so-called “good neighborhood” mode since 2017. With the feature, times can be programmed at which the sports car starts with the exhaust flaps closed, which is supposed to preserve the peace of the neighborhood. It is not known whether the Robinsons Mustang accessory system would have allowed peace mode at all.


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