Former CEO of RoodMicrotec intervenes next to tons in options dispute

Between 2004 and 2016, Nijenhuis was chairman of the board of RoodMicrotec from Deventer, a listed company that tests and sells chips. When he stepped down, it was agreed that he would remain an advisor for another ten years.

Options dispute

But at the end of 2017, the company also announced his departure as a consultant. Nijenhuis received a severance payment of 400,000 euros. Not much later, the parties clashed over the cashing-in of an option package.

In the end, the company took the ex-top executive to court, to claim 185,000 euros in advanced wage tax from him on his option package. Nijenhuis, in turn, demanded almost 117,000 euros for damage that he allegedly suffered as a result of obstruction in exercising his options.

Hardly any damage

At the beginning of 2019, the court in Zwolle ruled that Nijenhuis indeed had to pay the wage tax to the tech company. He also largely missed his claim for damages. According to the subdistrict court, he had suffered damage at the hands of the company, but that would not have been more than a mere 5000 euros.

Through his lawyer, Nijenhuis informed RTL Z at the time that he disagreed with the ruling and that he would probably appeal.

Caught again bluntly

It now appears that the use of this was only the compensation of 117,000 euros. Again, Nijenhuis was blunt. The court in Leeuwarden also ruled that he is not entitled to that money.

Financial director Arvid Ladega of RoodMicrotec says he is happy with the ruling. “These proceedings took an extremely long time, partly because the court had to eliminate an enormous backlog of cases. Corona also contributed to this. We had counted on this result, but it is nice if it is confirmed. Now we can do this. book finally close.”

Nijenhuis and his lawyer were unable to provide any explanation this afternoon.

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