Former employees of the Vestia housing association are jailed for handyman fraud

Two former Vestia employees, real estate manager Christiaan B. and social management employee Mischa W., played a key role in the tender fraud that took place from 2015 to 2018. They will be jailed for 2.5 and 1 years.

But the directors of the companies that participated in the fraud and intermediaries have also received sentences ranging from nine months in prison to 240 hours of community service. They were guilty of bribery, fraud, forgery and money laundering.

Work accurately

In the verdict, the judge emphasized how meticulously the convicted Vestia employees and the intermediaries had been working all that time. In this way it was kept exactly which company had received which order, against what amounts and how much money could then be divided among themselves.

The companies themselves have to pay fines of up to 50,000 euros. While the convicted companies and individuals also have to pay compensation to Vestia. As a result of the manipulation, Vestia knew nothing about it and contracts were signed with the fraudulent companies. For example, Vestia overpaid and falsified bills. The company estimates the total damage at almost three million euros.

greed for money

In determining the sentences, the court took into account the fact that the majority of the fraudsters were only guided by their greed for money. The Vestia employees involved have damaged the trust that people may have in a semi-public organization such as Vestia.

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