Formula 1: A team boss praises Schumacher, Vettel with an engine change

The two Germans are banking on tradition ahead of the US GP this Sunday. Sebastian Vettel (34) has been performing a ritual since he came to Austin. Every morning on the way to the racetrack, he and his trainer stop at a small hotel. There is a special muesli, a special buffet and, above all, one thing: peace and quiet. Nobody speaks to him, he can be completely himself.
Mick Schumacher (22) does it like his father. Michael Schumacher always traveled to the USA ten days earlier and spent the time before the event on his own farm in Texas. This time, son Mick continued the family tradition, accompanied by mother Corinna.

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Schumacher junior is driving the Austin circuit for the first time. He prepared in the simulator and used the route inspection to prepare. The US GP is the home race of his Haas team. That’s why he had to write more autographs than usual, reveals the German.

The sympathies for the youngster increase. Even with the competition. The German Williams team boss Jost Capito praises: “Mick is doing an excellent job. It’s his rookie year in Formula 1 and the way he treats the team, how he gets the team behind him, is absolutely brilliant. “

Mick Schumacher is driving the Austin circuit for the first time.

The German even made him an offer between the lines: “He’s definitely a driver to look out for. I think he can go very far at Ferrari. ”Schumacher has been part of the junior academy there since 2019. Even if the son of the record world champion will continue to drive for Haas in the coming year; his long-term goal is a cockpit at Ferrari.

According to Capito, the prerequisites for this are right: “He has the potential and he has the nerves. We don’t need to talk about driving at all. The fact that he made it into Q2 in the last race in Turkey was a great success for him. I think that will inspire him again. “

The Williams team boss hopes that in the foreseeable future Schumacher will have the chance to put his skills to the test in a competitive car: “He’s a super nice guy and he really deserves to be in a car in the future can win. “

Schumacher himself is impressed by the positive assessment. He only said shyly: “I’m very happy.”

One thing is clear: Mick is the future of German motorsport history, past and present are reflected in the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel (34). But he only reluctantly plays the role of the racing driver.

Sebastian Vettel.

In his press round, the Heppenheimer plucked bored with his mask and had to make every effort not to appear annoyed. He likes Austin; He even said that with a smile. And that his father has always been a fan of American tin. Vettel: “At first the city seemed a bit strange to me, then I fell for it hopelessly. America is always something special to me – I made my Formula 1 debut in Indianapolis in 2007, you never forget something like that. “

But the German is currently far from seventh place, which he achieved at the time. Aston Martin has only been behind the front midfield since the summer break and the disqualification in Hungary: The team was only three times in the points, only Alfa Romeo and Haas are even worse. In the World Cup, the Greens are only seventh behind 43 points behind Alpine and 31 behind Alpha Tauri.

“We want to fight back in Austin,” says Vettel fiercely. “We have shown in the last few races that we have the speed to assert ourselves in midfield. But the power density is very high and it’s very easy to fall out of the top ten. ”

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It doesn’t help that the Hessian needs a new Mercedes engine. “Unfortunately we will have to change the engine here,” admits the Aston Martin star, “so we will get a penalty.” Again, no good prospects for Vettel. So it is quite possible that there will be a German duel on the track at the US Grand Prix.

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