Formula 1: Aston Martin: Vettel frustration after an expensive first lap

A turbulent first lap, several contacts and tough duels, including with teammate Lance Stroll and Mick Schumacher, rob Sebastian Vettel of all chances of scoring points on Sunday in Monza – although with the two World Cup rivals and Alpha Tauris Pierre Gasly three regular top 10 drivers fail. “That is of course disappointing, we could have benefited from the crash at the front today,” admits Vettel.

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There is another crash in front of him that ruins the German’s race. In the second chicane, Antonio Giovinazzi turns after the start: Vettel has to swerve, is then overtaken by the faster cars from behind, above all by team-mate Lance Stroll, who pushes him onto the hard shoulder in the first Lesmo bend. “As a result, I lost a lot of positions,” says Vettel, whom numerous competitors slip past.

“I got off to a good start and was able to make up a few places. But after I had to evade and was pushed off, I lost all the places again. The first lap ruined the race for me today, because after that, with our top speed, it was clear that it would be very difficult to overtake, ”explains Vettel. “I had a bit of damage to the car and the safety car didn’t really help us because we had already stopped. It wasn’t our day, not my day. “

Scarce box: Vettel in a duel with Alpine Esteban Ocon

This can also be seen in a small collision with Alpine driver Esteban Ocon, which costs Vettel additional time in the second chicane. “Esteban didn’t leave me any space. I think he didn’t know I was there because we were in contact and it wasn’t missing that we both had flown out, ”says the Aston Martin star.

Vettel spares himself the accusations against the French, however, because in a scene with his buddy Mick Schumacher he feels the same way: “It was a misunderstanding with Mick. I didn’t know he was that close and I didn’t see him. I wanted to position myself for the straight line, and I probably surprised him. “

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But Vettel found something positive on Sunday, because the duel from Zandvoort with Robert Kubica will continue in Monza. “That was a lot of fun. With the Alfa, Robert had the fastest car on the straights, but he wasn’t that quick in the corners. For us it was the other way around. ”In the end, Vettel lays down the Poles. “I played a little with the power distribution and tried to read a pattern from him, and finally I stopped by. Of course, it didn’t make a big difference, ”said the twelfth-placed man.

Will Sebastian Vettel stay with F1 in 2022?

The bleak driving behind in Monza should also give the persistent rumors of resignation about Vettel new nourishment. Aston Martin team boss Otmar Szafnauer gives them a clear refusal. Problems in the contract negotiations are “absolutely one hundred percent nonsense”, emphasizes the 57-year-old and makes it clear: “We have no plan B. He does not have a plan B.”

The reason for the wait are details in the extensive driver contract. Vettel’s contract is multi-year, but contains options on both sides. Szafnauer: “You can ask Seb and I am sure that he will say that he loves it here.” The American expects an official announcement before the Russian GP in two weeks.

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