Formula 1: At Haas they love each other again

Mick Schumacher (23) is still looking for the right track at the Canadian GP. After 14th place in Azerbaijan, the German wants to take the next step in the direction of the points and lap times of his teammate Kevin Magnussen in Montreal.
It is important to shake off the negative vibrations that have not been overlooked since Schumacher’s accident at the Monaco GP. The highlight: an interview on the Sky Deutschland TV channel in which Haas team boss Günther Steiner was also accused of being accused by other team bosses. Tenor: His dealings with Schumacher junior and the high pressure on the young racing driver are no longer up to date.

Schumacher himself is now taking off from the discussion. “The only pressure I have to endure is on myself,” he says in the Montreal paddock. “I think I have the full support of the team. And the team knows they have my support.”

Speculations that Steiner and Schumacher should not have talked between Monaco and Baku have the team in the realm of fables. “The fact that we don’t talk to each other was played up,” emphasizes the team boss himself. “We laugh about it. No one but the two of us knows what our relationship is really like. But everyone has an opinion on that.”

Haas team boss Günther Steiner.

The same applies to rumors that Newsabc had also heard. Accordingly, even Schumacher’s Haas cockpit was in danger. Of course, the 23-year-old does not confirm that: “There are so many rumours, but nobody was fired, I guess it’s best not to give anything to all these rumours.”

Question marks remain, however. Just one example: When the Cologne Express asked Haas to comment on the speculation, the US team replied: “No comment.” It would be easy to say: “Not true.”

What is important now: “Both must now pull together and get the most out of their performance together,” said Haas chief critic Ralf Schumacher to Newsabc. His nephew sees it the same way and wants to set an example in Canada if possible: “It’s all about being in the right place at the right time and having a bit of luck. I am sure that nobody here doubts my abilities. I’ve shown that before.”

And the hard-criticized team boss Steiner is now striking a conciliatory tone again: “In my opinion, the best thing is if Mick concentrates on not building an accident. That would damage his self-confidence even more. But he knows that himself. If we Then when you come to stretches where the barriers are a bit further away again, hopefully he can fight back. But at the moment the most important thing is to drive clean and calm down.”

Peace, joy and pancakes – suddenly everyone at Haas loves each other again. The thunderstorms that Ralf Schumacher, among others, sent in the direction of the Haas team leadership seem to have had a cleansing effect, at least for the weekend in Montreal…

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