Formula 1 – Brawn: “Two fighters on a farm”

The case was clear to the four stewards. Tim Mayer (USA), Garry Connelly (Australia) as well as Tonio Liuzzi and Paolo Longoni (both Italy) decided after the accident of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the Italian GP in Monza: Verstappen is the main culprit. The Red Bull star will therefore have to drop three starting positions in the next race in Russia.

The reason in a nutshell: Verstappen was on the outside lane and never made it to the same height – so the curve tended to belong to Hamilton. Means: the Dutchman should have prevented the collision.

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But if the crash had been rated as a typical racing accident, there should have been no penalty. This is exactly where even the experts disagree.

“For me this is a classic racing incident,” says ex-Schumacher team-mate Martin Brundle. “Max had the right to attack the outside of this corner. It wasn’t too far behind either. Lewis, for his part, has every right to defend his position. “

Sky expert and ex-Formula 1 winner Ralf Schumacher agrees with the Briton: “I don’t see any driver intent, and that would be against the nature of a real racer anyway. Max tried desperately to get the curve. For me it’s like a stalemate in chess, there was no way out for anyone. As a commissioner, I would judge: racing incident, no penalty necessary. “

Ex-GP winner and Schumacher team-mate Johnny Herbert sees it similarly: “Max ran out of space. The question is whether he should have tried this attack at all. But I have now watched the scene several times and would not find a punishment appropriate. “

After his accident with Lewis Hamilton at the Italian GP in Monza, Max Verstappen has to drop three starting positions in the next race in Russia.

Ex-Vice World Champion Felipe Massa says: “The two are fighting for the title. Of course, nobody is willing to give away even an inch. Without the high curbs, Max’s car would not have been thrown in Hamilton’s path. I also drove against Hamilton. This is not a driver who is looking for a collision, on the contrary. But when it comes to the title, then of course he has no air to politely pull aside. I don’t find any of it punishable. “

Ex-Formula 1 driver Alex Wurz contradicts himself, but sees the blame more on the Red Bull driver: “For me it’s a racing accident, but 70 to 30 it’s more the responsibility of Max. That was with her Crowbar. He’s taking a lot of risk that the sausage curb will break him inside. Because he’s always there and Max knows that too. “

For Lewis Hamilton, the penalty against Verstappen is logically fair. He is “proud” of the stewards. “I think it is an important precedent for the future in terms of driver safety,” said Hamilton. You need a “strict rule.”

And Red Bull? There one accepts the punishment. Head of Motorsport Helmut Marko to ABMS: “I don’t know whether it’s fair. If you can see the exit in Silverstone, certainly not. But we’re now trying to make the best of it in Sochi. ”In England, Hamilton received a ten-second penalty for killing Verstappen, but was still able to win the race, while Verstappen came to the hospital for a check-up after his mega-impact.

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Red Bull is now even considering changing the engine in order to be able to serve both penalties in one race (at least ten starting places for the change would be added). Marko: “That has not yet been decided. But I think that you can overtake rather well in Sochi. “

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