Formula 1 Brazil – Hamilton and Verstappen: FIA has decided

World Cup leader Max Verstappen got away with a pat on the finger after his violation of the Parc ferme rules after qualifying for the sprint of the Brazilian GP in Sao Paulo on the Formula 1 weekend in Brazil.
The Red Bull driver was fined 50,000 euros by the stewards for touching both his racing car and that of his rival Lewis Hamilton after qualifying. The stewards also emphasized that he did not damage the rear wing of rival Lewis Hamilton with his touch, as claimed by Mercedes.

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Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, is disqualified for the non-compliant DRS system on his rear wing and has to start the sprint from the very back.

On Friday, the technicians of the World Automobile Association had already determined that the distance between the two DRS elements exceeded the prescribed value of 85 millimeters.

Lewis Hamilton has to start the sprint from last place.

FIA chief technology officer Jo Bauer and his team test the required distances with a template that must not fit into the slot. is guided between the rear wing elements. “If the windshield passes, (the car) has failed the test,” says the verdict. “In this case, the pane did not go through in the inner area of ​​the wing, but it did in the outer area.” The test was repeated four times with different templates.

The reason is “too much play in the DRS mechanism or incorrect assembly,” according to the FIA. The stewards rule out an intentional violation of the rules. Accordingly, it is a “one-off” case in which “something has probably gone wrong”. Mitigating circumstances, however, could not be invoked because the vehicle did not comply with the rules.

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The beneficiary of the Hamilton disqualification is Max Verstappen, who will now start from pole into the sprint at 8.30 p.m. German time. One thing is already certain: At the start of the main race on Sunday, Hamilton will have to drop five starting positions again because Mercedes has installed a new engine for him.

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