Formula 1: Chaos start in Mexico: Vettel’s joy is Mick’s suffering

A four-time world champion just knows what is important: On Saturday, Sebastian Vettel in Mexico decided to survive the tricky start-up phase unscathed. When the crash actually occurs in turn one on Sunday, the Aston Martin driver manages to avoid the chaos.

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“We stayed out of the mess and benefited from Valtteris (Bottas; the editor) Dreher. Daniel (Ricciardo; the editor), who had a damage to the car, I was able to overtake on the first lap,” explains Vettel, who comes back from the first lap in eighth place on the grid – only Alfa driver Antonio Giovinazzi got off to an even better start than Vettel.
“But we were able to catch Antonio again with the pit stop strategy,” says Vettel happily, who finally finished the race in seventh place behind the two Ferraris. “I was pretty much alone out there most of the time. We couldn’t follow Ferrari, but at least we haven’t fallen as far behind in comparison as we did last time. I’m very happy: We were able to swim with them today and stay in the mix, that was a solid race . “

The points result for Vettel is not surprising: “To be honest, it looked good on Friday, so I knew we had a good long run pace. So today it was just about staying out of the start and also after the first Lap to still be in this good position. “

Didn’t get far: Mick Schumacher got out after a crash

An undertaking that, of all things, failed in the case of Vettel’s buddy and compatriot Mick Schumacher on Sunday: The Haas driver was already involved in a crash with Esteban Ocon and Yuki Tsunoda through no fault of his own in the first corner, leaving just like the Japanese with a broken one Rear suspension off.

“My start was rather mediocre. It’s a shame that I didn’t get ahead,” said Schumacher, who ends up in the middle of the turmoil. “It was very tight and because Ricciardo turned in front, it got even tighter. Then three cars simply couldn’t fit through,” said the Haas driver, explaining his second retirement of the season after Russia.

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Schumacher still takes the shock sportily: “In the end, it’s a matter of fractions of a second in which you have to decide. Somehow we were all pulled into the middle at the same time and synchronously, then an accident like that happened quickly on lap one. Now it has stopped once met us. “

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