Formula 1: Criticism about Qatar

But F1 expert Marc Surer is ambivalent about his opinion on the ten-year contract that the premier class signed with the emirate from 2023. In AvD Motor und Sport Magazin at Sport1 he says: “Qatar is certainly a circuit that has existed for a long time. MotoGP has been going there for a long time. So it makes sense for Formula 1 to go there. “
But the former Swiss Formula 1 driver also has to consider: “It always hurts when I have another race abroad and I am not driving in Germany. Qatar would not have needed it, but Hockenheim or the Nürburgring. “

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DTM driver Marco Wittmann also criticizes the fact that there is still no Grand Prix in Germany in the premier class of motorsport. “In the DTM it would be cool to have something like that with you. But for the German fans in Formula 1, a German race would be better. We also have German drivers with Vettel and Schumacher. A German Formula 1 race is part of that. “

Especially since the Formula 1 stars like Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are always committed to democracy and human rights. Values ​​that are not lived in both Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The fans are already excited to see how the two main critics of the F1 scene will comment on it.

Formula 1 expert Marc Surer

Alone: ​​Surer does not believe that Vettel and Co. will protest. “The past has shown that there is a lot of talk, but they drive everywhere. As soon as they sit in the car, they are racing drivers and then none of that matters anymore, ”says the Swiss.

Amnesty International is already appealing to the drivers. “Qatar’s human rights record is extremely worrying – from the longstanding mistreatment of migrant workers in the country to restrictions on freedom of expression and the criminalization of same-sex relationships,” the human rights organization said in a statement.

And further: “Formula 1 should insist that all contracts related to this race contain strict labor standards along all supply chains.”

In addition, the protagonists of the premier class should not let themselves be instrumentalized. Amnesty: “The drivers and their teams should be ready to raise awareness of human rights in Qatar in the run-up to this race in order to do their part to break the magic of sportswashing and image management.”

The Formula 1 makers logically argue the opposite: “Formula 1 has worked hard for decades to be a positive force wherever it races, including economic, social and cultural benefits,” emphasized a spokesman. “We take our responsibility for [Menschen-]Rights very seriously and set high ethical standards for counterparties and those in our supply chain, which are anchored in the contracts, and pay close attention to their compliance. “

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A bland aftertaste still remains. Since 2020, the premier class has been campaigning for more diversity, sustainability and equality with its #WeRaceAsOne campaign. At the same time, the Saudi oil giant Aramco is one of the main sponsors. Races are now taking place in four Gulf states.

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